If your house is infested with moths, then you better learn how to get rid of them. Read below to learn some tips for getting rid of moths.

How To Get Rid Of Moths

Moths, more specifically the pantry moths, are the most common types of pests that afflict households. You can find them scurrying around dry food materials and among clothes and papers. You can also find them in any place of the house that remains unclean for prolonged periods and in areas where there is a lot of moisture. For, like other pests, moths too thrive in humid, dark and dusty places. These are the ideal conditions for them to breed and propagate. If you leave them like that then they are sure to create havoc in the house. You may find some of your clothes with tiny holes—the result of a moth buffet—or worse a pest carcass floating in your cereal bowl. Such telltale signs of moth infestation must not be ignored; in fact, you should take every measure to drive these crawlies out of your house if you do not want any more damage. If you are at a loss on how to go about it then go through the home remedies given below to successfully rid your house of moths.

Getting Rid Of Moths

Dried mint leaves can act as an effective moth repellent. Take two handfuls of mint leaves and leave them to dry in the sun. Then place the dried leaves in sachets and place them in areas affected by the moths. You can also place dried mint leaves in your clothes and books.

Dip several cotton balls in lavender essential oil and place them in areas affected by the moths like closets, drawers and clothes. Instead of lavender oil, you can also use dried lavender leaves.

Cloves, Ginseng And Rosemary
Fill sachets with a mixture of cloves, ginseng and rosemary. Place these sachets amongst your clothes to keep moths at bay.

Pheromone Moth Traps
Commercial pheromone based moth traps can effectively rid your house of moths. These traps attract the moth with pheromone, which is a hormone that triggers a reaction in the moths. The moths instinctively go to the traps where they get caught in a sticky glue like substance. Pheromone traps are very effective in eliminating moths even where they are low in density.

Low Humidity
Moths thrive in humid conditions. Humidity at or above 70% provides the ideal environment for the moths to breed. To reduce the humidity, install a dehumidifier to bring the humidity down to less than 50%. This will control the spread the moths in the house.

Sealing Moth Hideouts
One of the foremost difficulties in eliminating moths is that they survive all attempts by hiding in cracks and crevices in the house. So, the best way to get rid of moths is to attack their lair. Seal off every cracks and crevices in the house using silicone caulk, foam or putty. You should also take special care to seal those crevices created by shelves, flooring, cabinets and drawers. Once these have been sealed, it becomes easier to get rid of the moths.

Regular vacuuming can be very effective in getting rid of moths. Vacuuming will remove moth foods like crumbs, hair, and other rubbish. It will also remove moth eggs and larvae from carpets, rugs and drapes.

Moths are pests and the sooner you get rid of them the better it is. The home remedies to get rid of moths will help you to effectively get rid of these pests.

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