Have a dull, boring and old deck at your out house? Want to revamp its look? Try staining it. Staining a deck is an easy and fun process. Learn how to stain a deck in this article below.

How To Stain A Deck

Are you having a wooden deck at your home? Does it look dull and boring much against its once shinning and appealing look? Deck, unlike sidings and roof, is horizontally exposed to the harsh weather and as such is more prone to discoloration. Wondering how to get back its lost shine and sheen? No need to worry, staining is a very simple solution to your woes. By application of a stain onto your deck, you can turn your boring looking wooden deck into a shiny, lively and attractive one. Staining gives a finished look to the deck. Stains are affordable and are available in huge variety. Apart from offering good looks to your deck, staining restores the natural oils; protects the deck from harmful ultraviolet rays and from water damage. By staining, deck also becomes strong enough to face all the climatic conditions. Learning how to stain a deck is very simple and even kids can do it very easily. In the following lines, we have mentioned steps on how to stain a deck.
Staining A Deck
Clean the deck very nicely before staining it. To accomplish this task well, usage of a high pressure garden hose and deck cleaner is very important. Make sure to take out the dust and debris clogged between the deck boards; you can use a putty knife for the purpose. If you have stained earlier, then it is essential to take off the existing stain completely. Wash the deck and let it dry naturally before staining.
Things To Remember
While staining a deck, make sure that the deck is cool and no part is left behind. Start staining from the lattice to handrails. After staining the handrails, start working on the floor from the corner to the staircase. This is the correct procedure to stain a deck. Do not plan to stain in the colder temperature as the stain becomes very sticky then. Also, stain takes quite a long time to dry in the colder weather and might also leave the area damp. Never get impatient while working and devote maximum time for the entire process to get finished flawlessly. Drying of the surface after completion of each step is extremely important in order to get the best outcomes.  If you don’t wait it to happen, then the result will be not satisfying and sealer might not be much durable.
Staining A Deck
Things Required
  • Pressure Washers
  • Brush/ Rollers With Long Handle
  • Brushes
  • Rags
  • Safety Glasses
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Wood Stain
  • Small Buckets or Paint Roller Pans
  • You can buy the wood stain of your desired color. If you are staining it for the second time, then use a clear stain, while for an old deck, use a solid stain.
  • Clean the deck thoroughly with a deck cleaner or a pressure washer. Let it dry completely.
  • Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves. Now take small buckets and pour the stain in it. 
  • Immerse a brush or roller into the bucket of stain. Let the brush absorb the stain. But remember not to let the brush absorb a lot of stain at one go; it should be enough for few strokes only.
  • Now with this brush, apply the stain evenly on the deck. Taking rags, wipe out excess stain or any dark spots
  • Congratulations, you are done!
Did you just utter “that’s it”? Well yes, now that you have realized how easy staining a deck is, wait no longer and get going to stain your deck with a beautiful color to give it an attractive, shiny and finished look.

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