Building a deck railing is not that difficult. Check out how to make a deck railing.

How To Make A Deck Railing

Deck railings contribute a lot in making the outdoor space of your home look beautiful and secured. Building a deck railing on your own, without the assistance of professionals, is very easy. If you are equipped with the necessary tools and have the basic knowledge of carpentry, consider half the job done. A bit of mathematical calculations and installation of the posts and blusters is what you need to do in the project. In the following lines, get tips on building a deck railing on your own. 
Building A Deck Railing 
  • Choose the style and material of deck baluster that you want to use. Most preferred balusters include those made of wrought iron and wood.
  • Figure out the amount of railing needed to cover your deck completely. Make sure that the height and width of deck railings complies with your area’s code requirements.
  • After determining the type and amount of deck railing you want to use, you need to find location for the fence posts.
  • Make use of a four-sided figure, say a square, to mark the location of each post along the outer joists and joist header. Ensure that there is a 4” gap between the edges of each post.
  • Cut the notches in the deck surface, overhanging from the edge of the deck framing, using a handsaw.
  • Determine the most appropriate height of the railing posts. If the height of the railing is assumed as 36”, then 1 and ½ inches should be added to the edges of the deck. An extra 5 and ½ inches will need to be added on the deck as well. Cut the railing posts to the desired length with the help of a miter saw.
  • Make two holes for the lag bolts at the base of the railing posts by drilling at the area. In order to countersink the lag bolt heads, drill holes about ½” deep.
  • Install the railing posts in such a way that two lag bolts are used for each post. Secure them to place using a socket wrench.
  • Cut the upper railing base using a 2X4 lumber. Install the upper railings to the top portion of the posts. Make sure that two screws are used for each post.
  • Before installing the deck balusters, you need to measure the distance between each set of posts. Now, calculate the number of balusters needed for each set, so that equal distance is maintained between each baluster. Mark the positioning of each baluster on the top railing as well as the lower joist.
  • Install the balusters using two screws at the top and two at the bottom. While installing the balusters, make sure that you maintain an equal distance between them. There should be at least 4” gap between each baluster.

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