Toning down dark paint involves the use of a simple technique. Read the article and learn how to tone down dark paint.

How To Tone Down Dark Paint

Painting is a great way to refresh the looks of a room. People are keen about painting the walls of their home on their own, without hiring a professional. In this case, majority of them accomplish the task in a hassle-free manner and do the job with as much perfection as a professional. Still, there are a number of people who end up painting the room too dark, making the walls look very dull. If case you are one of them, you must be wondering how to tone down dark paint, without causing any damage to the original paint. In the following lines, we have listed a simple technique that can be used for toning down dark paint.
How To Tone Down Dark Paint
Things Required 
  • Faux finish glaze
  • Light colored paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic drop cloth 
  • Cover the floor and other items with plastic drop cloth. This is intended to protect them from any dropping of paint.
  • Clean the walls thoroughly, before applying paint on them. Ensure that the walls are completely dry as well.
  • Make the color wash glaze by mixing a quart of paint in a light color (beige or cream color) with a gallon of faux finish glaze. Make the mixture in a bucket.
  • Dip the tip of a paintbrush in the color wash glaze. Remove the excess paint on the brush by striking it against the edge of the bucket.
  • Apply the color wash glaze over the existing paint on the walls. The strokes should be random and applied at a medium speed.
  • To soften the look of the dark paint further, apply the strokes by brushing them over the surface of the walls repeatedly, for two to three times, until you reach the desired tone of the original paint.
  • Repeat the process as you go on toning down the dark color all over the walls.
  • This way, the glaze will tone down the color of the original paint.

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