Concerned about the health of the planet? Or maybe the rising electricity bill? Worry no more! Learn how to save energy at home and save up some extra bucks! Read on for effective energy saving tips.

How To Save Energy At Home

Who amongst us is not familiar with scary stories of dwindling quantities of fossil fuels – like coal, oil and natural gas – all over the globe? Not only that, even global warming is also a rather familiar topic these days with second grade kids studying it as a serious subject. And just in case you were wondering how to mend things for the world around you, we have just the answers you were looking for all along. Just like a droplet of water creates an ocean, saving energy from the household level goes a long way to add up to the bigger picture. Not only do these measures prolong the life of Mother Earth, they also reduce the size of your wallet hole. Quite a few of that hard earned money can be saved on the electricity bill if only a little collective caution is exercised by all the members in the family. With a little time and effort you will be helping towards a greener, cleaner and, of course, a more prosperous planet. Read on for an effortless and easy whole house energy efficiency plan.
Energy saving Tips
Switch Off The Lights
Make it a point to switch off the lights whenever not in use for e.g., during day time and while you sleep etc. Also, when you leave the room make sure all the electrical appliances are switched off. Don’t leave your computer or laptop or T.V in the standby mode. It is always better to switch them off completely.
Turn Off The Tap
Whether it is while brushing your teeth, washing utensils, clothes or, for that matter, even taking a shower, it’s best to turn off the tap when you do not need it. Literally speaking, every drop you save makes up an ocean.
Air Dry Your Clothes
Avoid the tumble dry option in your washing machine. As much as possible air-dry your clothes. Also, accumulate your dirty clothes and wash them at one go. Do not use your washing machine too many times in a week. The lesser electricity you consume; bigger shall be your grin when your electricity bill arrives.
Take Short Showers
Cut down on the shower time or switch to the bucket system of taking baths. This saves both water and electricity. The geyser need not be on for the entire duration. Use it only to heat up a bucket of water and then turn it off. Even a 5 minute reduction in shower time helps you save 10 percent energy yearly.
Turn Down The Thermostat
You probably would not even notice the difference when you turn down the thermostat by one degree, but the energy consumption differs by about 5 percent!
Buy Rechargeable Batteries
Batteries are made of heavy chemicals like zinc, molybdenum etc. And when thrown out at the end of the day, they accumulate and add up to the toxic non degradable waste. A slight change in our buying habits can tackle this problem. Switch to rechargeable batteries – they reduce toxic waste accumulation and are way more efficient than their non-rechargeable counterparts.
Purchase Energy Efficient Household Appliances
Buying energy efficient appliances works for our benefit in the long run. Be it iron, washing machine, air conditioning or room heater. If they are energy efficient, they bring a considerable change in your electricity bill. Although their initial cost is high, the investment you make is worth it in the long run.
Save Up On Petrol Money
Fuel prices are always front page news pieces. Car pooling, cycling or even walking is a good idea. Paying hefty amounts for petrol is a big concern amongst most of us and can be taken care of by such simple measures.
Energy saving starts at home! Making your kids aware of this pressing problem and teach them the aforementioned energy saving tips from their childhood. The world will definitely be a better place then.

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