Excited by the prospect of creating your own colorful eco-space within the water? If yes, then these aquascaping ideas should put you on roll.

Aquascaping Ideas

Are you fixated with the idea of simulating incredible aquamarine life right within the confines of your water tank? Aquascaping, as this art is known as, is fast catching the imagination of all aquarium enthusiasts who have their head’s fired up with the bait of setting up a natural garden within their tanks. All you need is a little ingenuity and basic know-how to get started. Aquascaping not only turns your boring fish tank into a real visual treat, but it also creates a friendly eco-space for your fish and other water creatures as well. From creating a rustic layout to emulating a colorful scape with driftwood and plants, the possibilities are just endless for anyone who wishes to create his/her own personal aquatic bubble. You can play with numerous colors, objects in different shapes and sizes to create a stunning masterpiece. If you are intrigued by the beautiful living art of aquascaping, then the following ideas should fire your imagination further.
Aquarium Aquascaping Ideas
Freshwater Tank Decorations 

Aquarium Ornaments
When it comes to the fine art of scaping your aquarium, you are surely spoilt for choice. From driftwood, algae, corals, ferns and rocks to the more innovative Roman columns, replica battleships, treasure chests and ceramic decorations, you can just deck up your aqua space whichever way your creativity goes. 

A common prop in most aqua setups, driftwood makes a handsome centerpiece in any freshwater tank. However, before you pick your wood, don’t forget to enquire enough about its origin and curing process from the store owner. Also, before you place the wood in your tank, quarantine the wood in a separate water tank for a few weeks or months until you are completely assured that the wood can be safely incorporated into your display tank. 

Rocks inarguably amplify the beauty of any freshwater tank and offer nooks and crannies for the fish to hide themselves. From shale to slate to limestone and pumice, you can just incorporate any rock of your choice. However, before you embellish your tank with rocks, ensure that it possess nothing harmful to change the chemistry or physics of your tank. 

Fake Plants
There is absolutely no better thing than a water filled transparent tank embellished with a lot of green plants. Never mind if the greens are fake, the best thing about them is that they will outlive all the other natural foliage and are easy to clean as well. On the flipside, these fake plants can look artificial at times, more so when they stick out of the substrate. 

Live Plants
You cannot really expect to aquascape a tank without using live plants. Live plants not only serve as the lungs of an aquarium, but also help in the removal of nitrates, provide shelter to the fish and tot up as breeding sites for the fish as well. Natural foliage will not only add to the realistic appeal of your aquarium, but will also make it look awesome. 

Saltwater Tank Decorations
Fake Coral Or Dead Coral 
There is nothing like using fake or dead corals to beautify your tank. However, maintaining it can be quite a pain. In that case, you can shell out a few extra bucks to get hold of live coral to amplify the elegance of your aquascape. On the flipside, corals have a very specific feeding and lighting requirements, which means you have to spend a hefty sum to keep them.
Live Rock 
Apart from its biological importance, the best thing about using live rocks is that you can easily use aquarium silicon sealant to shape it anyway you like. What's more, you can drill holes in the rock and insert PVC pipes to make archways or columns. However, make sure that you place your live rock directly on the bottom of your tank and not on top of the sand.
Create your own oasis with these aquascaping ideas and revel in your newfound passion.

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