It’s not just enough to buy a leather jacket, it’s also important to know how to repair one. Explore this article for information on how to repair a leather jacket.

Leather Jacket Repair

Biker Chic! Ever heard of this term? If you know a thing or two about bikes or even something about biker’s fashion, then you would probably know what biker chic is all about. Biker chic is a fashion term that applies to the bikers. It’s about the kind of clothes and accessories that the bikers sport. Biker chic is a ‘genre’ of dressing that can extend to both men and women. Leather, apparently, happens to be the hallmark of this fashion trend. From vests to boots to belt and everything else, bikers are sucker for leather when it comes to fashion. As far as leather and biker chic goes, it’s all about leather jacket! Sadly, leather jackets are not as rough and tough as the bikes are, and are prone to wear and tear. If you just happen to be looking for instructions on how to repair a tear in a leather jacket, you have landed at the right place. Read on to know more on how to repair a leather jacket.
How To Repair A Leather Jacket
You Will Need
  • A Transparent Tape
  • A Knife
  • A piece of Cloth
  • Water Based Glue
  • A Toothpick
  • A Needle and Thread  
  • Before you get going with the process of repairing a tear on your leather jacket, know that the entire task can look like a big ordeal in the beginning. However, with time and sufficient practice, you will eventually master the whole process.
  • Start by using your fingers and a toothpick to work around the edges of the tear. Hold the tear together and put a tape on it. You can stick the tape first on your palm. This will help reduce the stickiness of the tape and prevent the tape from tampering with the finish of the leather jacket. Don’t make the mistake of sticking the tape directly onto the leather jacket. Remember, tape to palm first and then paste it on the tear!
  • Once done, turn the coat inside out and look for factory opening. You can do this by turning the coat through the seam in the sleeve lining. If you can’t find a factory opening, then use a sharp knife and cut open a big seam. It is important for the seam to be of the right size, because only this will help you get to the underside of the tear that lies between the shell and the liner.
  • You are now, in a way, done with the most difficult part of the process. Now go on and glue a small piece of cloth on the tear. To help fulfill this objective, you can apply a thin coating of glue on the piece of cloth. Place the cloth on the tear, press it and give it some time to dry. Once the cloth is set, turn the coat right side out.
  • Next, work your way to the tape. Carefully and with expert timing, pull the tape off. Do not rip away the tape, but then again don’t take it off as well slowly too. The trick is to pull off the tape gently yet firmly.
  • Go ahead, put a large drop of glue on a scrap paper, and then carefully slit the tear open. Using a toothpick, try and apply the glue. Don’t make the mistake of using your fingers to apply the glue for at times the tear may be too delicate to handle the pressure exerted by your fingers.
  • Once done, stick the edges of the tear together and very gently wipe off the excess glue. To efface the excess glue, you can use a damp cloth instead of a dry cloth. Give the glue some time to work its magic on the tear.
  • Lastly, you can finish off the whole process by closing the seam in the lining of the sleeve with needle and thread.   
Instructions given! Make your moves, repair that leather jacket, get onto that bike and ride on into the sunset. You are good to go!

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