Does the bare space on your wall make your room appear empty? If yes, explore this article to find a variety of beautiful decor ideas to spruce your walls up.

Wall Decor Ideas

If your home makes you feel jaded and bored, just take a look at your walls, as in all likelihood you will find them vacant. This is because bare walls look drab, cold and uninviting. In order to escape the dullness imparted by dirty and empty walls, you need to add some wall decor and induce life into them. Wall decor has the potential to transform your walls into a visual delight by imparting a unique personality to them. Pablo Picasso once famously quoted that “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. This is very true as delightful decor can turn your home into a welcoming place to live in and visit. For those with know-how of abstract art and wall painting, this could be your chance to give a free rein to vivify the walls. Others can rely on some hands on and tested wall decor methods. Explore the information below and find a variety of fine wall decor ideas.

Wall Decoration Ideas
  • One of the tried and tested methods of wall decor is adding texture to the wall using wallpapers. Wallpapers come in a variety of styles and all you need to do is to paper the walls with them.
  • A beautiful work of art ensconced on drab walls can enhance any decorative wall decor scheme. Instead of centering the piece in the middle of the wall, you can arrange several smaller pieces in a themed display. It can also be interspersed with some intriguing metal wall art or a pair of decorative wall sconces.
  • The use of mirrors makes a room look larger than what it is. They can occupy an entire wall or a small portion of a larger display. Any number of mirror styles and motifs can be combined with other wall decor elements. You can create a magical atmosphere by using soft lighting as well.
  • Adorning your walls with local folk art adds a rustic dimension and texture to a room. This works very well in seaside homes. You can use hand-carved masks, birdhouses and sea life and mix them with seashells, starfish and dried flower arrangements. 
  • Bringing the outdoors in by hanging your favorite rowing oar over the fireplace or displaying dried leaves in handmade frames can keep the aura of your home livened up.
  • Your child’s prized artwork can be the most unique wall art. Scan it with the help of a computer and print the images onto fabric and then create wall hangings from the fabric images.
  • Make your vintage handkerchiefs wake up from slumber. Frame them and let them adorn your wall in a collection or throughout your home.
  • Installing built-in cabinetry, bookcases and shelving can add warmth and personality to any room and provide a place to display your books and collectibles. You can mount your plate collections directly on the wall in dining rooms and kitchens for a riveting/fascinating wall decor display.
  • Posters as wall decor work best for kids’ and teenagers’ room. You can delight your kid with  star wars posters and your teenagers with posters of their favorite rock stars or sports heroes.
  • A popular way of ameliorating your walls is by using elegant vinyl lettering. To add charm to any empty wall space, create a beautiful hand-painted look by applying decorative wall decor letters. 
Before you choose any wall decor idea, ensure that it appeals to all your family members. Also, consider your choice fully before committing to it as you will have to live with it for quite a while.

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