Use art to decorate your bathroom walls and give your personal space an aesthetic touch. Read below to know more on bathroom wall art ideas.

Bathroom Wall Art

Most people face a complete dead-end when it comes to decorating their bathroom. Indeed the bathroom offers very little creative freedom in decorating it other than painting the walls. However, if you are ready to splurge, then decorating your bathroom is as easy as cutting a cake. Just hire an interior decorator and your bathroom will get a royal look. What many people don’t know is that there are many inexpensive ways as well, in which the beauty of the bathroom can be enhanced. And for this you don’t require expensive tiles, royal mirrors and exotic plants. The four walls of the bathroom can become your canvas, where you can use your imagination and transform them into works of art. A bathroom is a very private space, unlike the other rooms of the house. You can make it all the more personal, by creating bathroom wall art. And when it comes to bathroom wall art, you don’t have to be concerned with spoiling the decoration of the room or such things. Go on indulging your creativity until you get the right look for your bathroom. More than beautifying the area, the wall art will also act as your creative space. Given below in the article are a few bathroom wall art ideas that you can go for.
Bathroom Wall Art Ideas
Hanging paintings on the bathroom walls is the best way to beautify them. It need not necessarily be an expensive painting. Even large prints of famous paintings will effectively do the trick. A simple painting that complements the color of the bathroom can, single-handedly, enhance the look. You can add a personal touch to the bathroom by hanging your own paintings and sketches. Or simply you can paint the wall in attractive images. Paint an underwater scene with fishes and seaweeds to give an underwater feel to the bathroom.
Metal & Glass
If you don’t mind a little bit of expense, then you can give your bathroom a regal touch by decorating the bathroom walls with metal and glass art. Metal and glass art works come in a wide variety of design and tastes. As such, you can always find one that strikes your fancy. You can take your pick from floral designs to abstracts that are sure to light up the walls. Colorful glass animals and other objects hung from the wall always look great.
Letters & Graffiti
If you have a fairly large bathroom then scrawling the wall with letters is an attractive ways to decorate it. A nice quote or your favorite phrases can be written on the wall. Make sure that you use stylish fonts to do so. You can also make one of the walls a private canvas for your graffiti. Slogans and messages written in colorful sprays are the best in graffiti art. Another great art idea is to fill the wall with a collage of random words in different fonts and colors.
Wallpaper & Stickers
Wallpapers come in a number of designs, styles and materials. Nowadays, there are even specialized wallpapers for the bathrooms, that is, they are waterproof. Wallpapers are easy to install and in every few months, you can change the wallpapers for a different look each time. Designs like coral reefs, islands and aquariums look very attractive in bathroom walls. Sticking attractive stickers of your favorite characters is another way to decorate the walls. This is especially good for the kids’ bathroom.
Mirrors are the best way to decorate small bathrooms. They create an illusion of a larger space, thereby making the smallest of bathroom look big. All you need to do is simply fix large mirrors with wrought iron frames. You can even go for designer mirrors. Since mirrors are a necessity in a bathroom, it makes good sense to combine them with the decorative aspect also.

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