Cleaning a basement floor is not as easy as it sounds. But with a few tips and techniques by your side, you can master the art conveniently. Learn how to clean basement floor.

How To Clean Basement Floor

Where do you keep your all stuffs that you are not using currently? Or where do you put your stored things that you are going to use in near future? The answer must be the basement room. Yes, it is the only place where all of us carelessly and mostly intentionally place our used and still to be used stuffs. It is the same basement that also serves as the dumping ground for old books, bottles and cans that you decide to clean off in some coming Sunday. Few basements also serve the purpose of parking cars, keeping old printing, typing and washing machines. Whatever be the purpose, one thing that is for certain is that basement floors undergo serious traffic and strains. While on a cleaning mission, you keep the basement floor for the end only to wade it off saying that you would clean it the next time you embark on the cleaning mission. Continuous dumping and constant ignorance makes basement flooring one of the most abhorred spaces. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that even the best of spic-and-span homes have basement flooring that gives an impression of a gothic cemetery. But, don’t you think that the poor old basement flooring that takes the entire load in order to make your home habitable also deserves a day of cleanliness? This Sunday, instead of whiling out your time watching sitcoms or going on a shopping spree, take up the task of cleaning the basement flooring. Agreed, it isn’t an extremely easy process, but it isn’t that difficult too. Learn how to clean basement flooring in the following lines.
Cleaning Basement Floor Tips
  • Pull up your sleeves and wear a mask before you embark on the mission to undertake extensive sweeping that you have never done earlier. Once you are all ready, clear the basement floor of any object placed haphazardly. Put everything on the floor in the shelves made. In case, you need to throw away certain things, toss them right away. Building up junk gives dirt and grime a place to sustain.
  • Now that the floor is visible to you, sweep away all the miscellaneous dust and debris including leaves, hair, paper bits etc. You can even vacuum the floor for an effective cleaning.
  • Next, create a cleaning solution by adding a quarter cup of bleach in six cups of water in a bucket. This solution works effective on both mild and concrete stains. Don’t use more quantity of bleach, as it can damage the color of the floor and paintworks, if any.
  • Now soak the scouring pad in the cleaning solution and manually rub the solution across the floor. The idea is to loosen up the stains and clean them off.
  • In another bucket, mix warm water with dish detergent. Mix the solution thoroughly until it becomes soapy. Now soak the mop in the soapy solution.  
  • Rub the whole floor starting from one end of the floor to the other end. If the soapy solution gets dirty, throw it away. Make another batch of soapy solution. Once the whole floor is mopped, allow the floor to dry and repeat the process.
  • Now fill warm water in a clean bucket and with the help of a clean mop rinse the floor thoroughly with the warm water. This will wash away any soap left on the floor in the previous step. Allow the floor to get dry completely.
Congratulations! You have cleaned your basement floor without breaking a sweat and taking any professional help.

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