Every morning, do you ransack your own closet for your favorite tee or pair of jeans? Read this article on closet organizing tips and locate it at a mere blink of an eye.

Closet Organizing Tips

Let’s get the obvious out of the way! Agreed that people have a lot of junk at homes that they neither want to throw out nor want them spread around in plain sight. Desperate measures are adopted and all of the junk ends locked up behind a door. And this door, most of times, belongs to your closet. But know that the stuff you throw in there doesn’t fall back into the open spaces behind your closet, for there isn’t a magical wardrobe that opens the door to the magical kingdom of Narnia! What you pack in there stays there and keeps multiplying like a deadly virus. No wonder it’s such a pain when you have to sort out your attire and accessories by going inside the infected zone. Even after rambling through the mess like a superhero, you are unable to figure out what’s what. To add on to it, you have an urgent meeting and your only formal suit is missing. Don’t sit back in despair for we’re here! A few ideas from our side and a little effort on your part to organize your closet will set your clothes as free as a bird. Here are the ideas!
Closet Organizing Ideas
Cleaning Spree
  • Desperate times call for desperate measures! Get yourself two big boxes; label one “throw” and the other “no”. Now you need to go inside the infected zone and carefully examine through the stuff (the things that shouldn’t be in your closet at all). The things that you want to dump goes in the box labeled as “throw” and the things that you don’t want to dump goes in the boxes labeled as “no”.
  • Take your clothes, accessories, and shoes out of the closet and keep them aside to be sanitized. Now using a vacuum cleaner, suck the dust and unneeded crap out of the closet. Spray some cleaning liquid on the shelves and clean them with a dry cloth. Now to your clothes - vacuum them too and put ones that need some cleaning into the laundry basket.
Organizing Spree
  • Before going on the organizing spree, decide what you want to store in your closet. Is it going to be all clothes? Is it going to be clothes and accessories? Or all the three things, plus the things you have in boxes labeled “no”.
  • Get a few big hangers for your plus-sized clothes; lest they fall down on the shelf ruining the iron of other clothes. Install a shoe rack, away from where your clothes are. Bottom of the closet is the apt place to have it installed. Get a few hooks that you can nail to the closet door on the inside to hang your accessories.
  • If it’s a small closet, only your seasonal clothes need to go in there and the rest of them need to be kept in a suitcase to take out later. But if it’s a big enough closet, divide it into sections and assign each section to each season.
  • Adding a drawer to the closet will come in handy if it doesn’t already have it and has some room for it to be installed. You can keep the important documents, stuff from the “no” box, and your jewelry into the drawer and lock it away till further need.
  • A simple way of making the best use of your closet is by arranging bottoms together at one side and tops together at the other side. Organize everything neatly in visible sight.
Maintenance Spree
If you have a small closet, go through the cleaning and organizing spree at the start of every season. And set regular dates with yourself to clean it if it’s a big closet you have. The stuff that you had put in the “throw” box earlier, needs to be either donated, thrown, or given to someone who might actually like it. And the box labeled “no” should be best kept in the basement or the attic.
With these closet organizing ideas, you can turn your mess of a closet into a peaceful sanctuary for your clothes.

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