Why buy yourself a beanie when you can easily knit one within the confines of your own home. Breeze through this article for instructions on knitting a beanie.

How To Knit A Beanie

A beanie can prove to be extremely effective in serving two very distinct purposes. When it is cold and the roof of your home is burdened with snow, a beanie can help keep you warm, irrespective of if you are indoors or in the great outdoors. Luckily, a beanie doesn’t need to be worn only when it’s cold or only when it snows. This is where the second advantage of wearing a beanie comes into play. Not many people may be aware of it, but apart from helping you stay warm, a beanie can also serve as a great fashion accessory. This only means that if it’s warmth in the snow, or fun in the sun, the beanie gives you the best of both worlds. Hold on, don’t get too carried away, while the beanie is a great way to spruce up your outfit, don’t make the mistake of wearing it to the beach. Here’s presenting instructions on how to knit a beanie on your own.  

Knitting A Beanie 

You Will Need
  • A pair of Scissors
  • 2 Yarn Needles
  • Straight Knitting Needles
  • Yarn
  • Before you start off on the endeavor of knitting a beanie, it is important to mention here that you will have to be familiar with the basics of knitting. It will make no sense to attempt to knit a beanie when you hardly know anything about knitting.
  • The basic techniques of knitting will include knit, purl and knitting two stitches together. Familiarity with the just mentioned techniques is a must.
  • As for the yarn, you can feel free to pick out your favorite color of yarn and use it to make your beanie.  To make a beanie that will be approximately twenty inches around, you will have to use bulky yarn that can extend up to approximately 125 yards. As for the straight knitting needles, size seven is what you should be counting on.  
  • Start off by knitting across the first row of your hat and turn the same in the opposite direction. You can then go on to purl the next row. Doing this is what will help your hat shape up towards an upward direction, as opposed to any other direction. In other words, the purl is what will help your hat display a little ‘velvetiness’ towards its surface and brim.
  • You can then go on to knit the next row just like you did the previous one. Continue knitting row after row until the beanie, which should have taken shape by now, has no curl at its brim and an uneven structure. You can execute a garter stitch, to help deal with the uneven structure of the beanie.
  • While knitting and purling make it a point to implement turns at the end of each row. A garter stitch can be put together by knitting all of the rows until the hat measures to around 5 inches in size
  • Proceed to knit eight stitches in each row and then decrease eight stitches across the same row evenly. Knit two stitches together and repeat the same process across the length and breadth of the same row.
  • Since you are using the garter stitch, knit the rows to come. Just like in the previous step, decrease eight stitches across the same row, but go on to knit only seven stitches.
  • Repeat the above two mentioned steps, while simultaneously knitting a stitch less in the middle. You can continue knitting your beanie until you are left with just about sixteen stitches.
  • Proceed to cut the weighted yarn into an approximate length of eighteen inches. You can then thread the yarn to the needle and pass the same needle through the stitches that exist in the knitting needle. Work your stitches from the right to the left.
  • Once done with this, remove the stitches from the needles and proceed to draw the yarn on the yarn needle. Do this as tightly as you possibly can. This is what will help seal the beanie’s crown. You can also go on to tie the yarn on the other side of the hat.
  • Use the tail of the yarn to pull off a mattress stitch. For the mattress stitch, make it a point to use an invisible seam. Finish off the process by weaving the loose ends of the yarn onto the other side of the beanie. Your beanie is now ready.

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