Giving your home a cottage feel is all about making the place reflect the elegance of the vintage era. Explore the article and learn all about decorating your home in cottage style.

Giving Your Home A Cottage Feel

Cottage style decoration is gradually catching the attention of those living in urban areas. Giving your home a cottage feel means making the place airy, cool, calm and elegant. Sober colors that are easy on the eyes, light furniture, comfortable and airy fabrics and antique accessories can give the perfect cottage appeal to your home. Since the stuff needed for this theme is readily available in home store outlets, that too at reasonable rates, you can decorate your home well within a small budget also. Learn more about decorating your home in cottage style, through the tips given below.
Decorating Your Home In Cottage Style 
  • An important part of any decorating theme is furniture. The furniture that you choose for your rooms should be light and breezy. Do not overstuff your furniture with heavy upholstery. Plain fabrics go well with this theme. Patterns like floral, chintz and toile look simple, yet elegant. If you have budget constraints, shop for old sofa and chairs and slip cover on them. Make sure that you pick furniture that has a little bit of style in it.
  • The cottage style is all about using the right amount and the right type of accessories. Old architectural pieces - with interesting shapes, attractive color and fine textures, can work well as accessories for the cottage style. You may look out for them in sales outlets.
  • The window treatments should be airy and, at the same time, provide enough privacy for your rooms. You can make use of lace curtains for the purpose. You may also treat the windows with curtains made of natural fabrics, like cotton. Ensure that they do not carry loud patterns, because the aim is to keep the tone subtle and elegant.
  • Vintage decorative pieces can be used to adorn the walls of your cottage-style room. You may also hang a wooden frame, containing an old black and white photograph.
  • Stick to light colors for the walls. You may opt for chalk white, light blues, greens, pale yellows or tan colors.
  • Hardwood floors are nice options to consider, for cottage style decoration. Wall-to-wall carpet can also give your home, a cottage feel. Do not forget to use vintage area rugs, as they are one of the important inclusions in this decorating scheme.

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