A soothing decor for a wine room goes a long way in showing that you are a serious wine collector. Check out wine cellars design and decoration.

Wine Room Decor

A nicely decorated wine room can be your best place to relax at home. The smell of the delicious wine in a tastefully done-up room is enough to drive off even the most stubborn headaches. Investing a good amount of money right now in decorating a wine cellar will go a long way in getting you a room that will add class to your fine collection. Right from the lighting to the walls to the floors, everything should be done up in a way that it reflects your good taste and lends a classic look to your intoxicating cellar.
The Walls
The walls of the wine cellar need to be kept absolutely dry so as not to allow any moisture or dampness to stick on. For this, they need to be painted with a moisture resistant paint. You need to choose very soft colors like hues of yellow, creams, orange, etc. for the walls. The ceiling can be painted in a lighter shade such as off white or cream. Make sure it is a lighter tint of the shade you use on the walls.
Cellar Lighting
The lighting is of utmost importance as you need to strike a balance between soft as well as functional lighting. Too harsh lighting will produce heat and ultra-violet light thus risking your wine collection and too dim lighting means you won’t be able to read labels without straining your eyes. You may use dimmers in order to raise and lower the level of lighting according to your choice. You may use scones that diffuse lighting all over the cellar or use a chandelier to provide a royal touch as well as good lighting.
Cellar Floors
The floor of the cellar should preferably be wooden. They are great look at and give an old-world charm to your cellar. Throw in some furniture like rocking chairs, light brown or copper cushions, coffee tables, couch, etc. and your cellar is set to rock. You may also choose ceramic or stone work for the floor. Both of them are equally functional and will lend a very different look to your cellar.
Cellar Signs

Every wine cellar has to have a sign. It could simple say “Wine Cellar” or you could have your favorite wine’s name carved out on a block of wood and hang it in the room. Let your imagination run wild and choose designs like wine bottles, grapes, etc. to make classic sings to adorn your cellar.

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