Door handles are important accessories when it comes to interior decoration. Explore the article to know more about how to choose nice door handles.

How To Choose Nice Door Handles

We  plan everything which range from furniture, wall paintings, curtains, paints, carpets, to electronic devices such as television, sound system, and computers when we do the interior decoration; however most of us always forget to think about the door handles. Sticking out like sore thumbs, door handles which do not match the room’s ambience and the décor, can ruin the whole affect of your palace-like home.  You may as well get frustrated by the short-sightedness as appalling and ugly door handles can kill the elegance of the entire room. So ignoring the door handles when planning the interior design of your room, may make your hard work go in vain. You must always remember that door handles are one of the important accessories when it comes to interior decoration. Read on the article to know more about how to choose nice door handles.
Tips To Choose Nice Door Handles 
  • You need a carefully planned budget before you step to choose the door handles. You should decide the minimum and maximum prices of the door handles which you want to buy. You should never go for very cheap door handles. A door handle should be strong and should survive for longer years. Thus, invest in only quality products.  
  • Appearance of the handle on your door is very important. Having fixed a sensible price range, you can decide the style of it and how you want it to appear on the door. For example, an old Victorian style house may not be the right place for slicker stainless steel cutting edge door knobs. In the same way, a very slick apartment will not look any better with antique door handles.
  • You should consider who would probably handle the door while you are buying the door knobs. You can go for satin stainless steel which can be said as the best bet if you have children in home. It is better to buy stainless steels if you stay near sea or country side. It can provide you more protection. Chrome or brass handles lose their shine in a small amount of time.
  • Avoid handles with sharp edges on them. they may give you cuts and if you have children at home, thet can be very dangerous. Also while you are installing the door handles, make sure that the height to which the handle is installed is comfortable. It should not be installed too high and too low on the door.
  • Users with difficulty in hands movement may find knobs hard to operate and they could attach a lever instead.
  • Users with limited sight should avoid the handles which are similar in ‘finishing’ to the door [in color and texture]. It is better to avoid similar looking pair of handles and doors such as aluminum handles on white doors or brass on light timbers.

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