Looking to add the ‘wow’ factor to your pad? Check out the following ideas on sponge painting to add oomph appeal to your den. Read on to know more on sponge painting ideas.

Sponge Painting Ideas

Whether you have just moved in to a new pad or are just plain bored with your existing dig, a good paint job can revamp your hovel into a cool hang out in just a flash. The good news is that you don’t really have to break the bank or drop the spare cash to refashion your den. Just a dash of color can transform your musty, dull dorm into a decent living space in no time. Before you buzz a decorator or call in a professional painter to pep up your living space, just stop to consider how fun it would be if you could jazz up your pad in your own way. If you are looking to add interesting textures and depth to your walls, just try sponge painting for a quick fix. It is fun, easy, and artistic and can transform your concrete drab into a splendid retreat. You can play with colors and ideas to create faux arts or whip up interesting textures for a more fascinating finish. So what are you waiting for? Just don on your painter’s hat, get some latest and interesting ideas and start sponging. Here are some exciting sponge painting ideas for you to explore. Read on to get started.
Ideas On Sponge Painting 
  • Bored of the blues and the pinks and looking for fun ways to jazz up your kid’s space? Forget the blasé solid shades and jaded themes and revamp your décor with intriguing impressions and faux designs to add fun and excitement to your kid’s room. You can sponge on random designs like alphabets, stars, the moon, flowers, birds and bees to pep up your tiny tot’s nursery or, overlap interesting prints to create a whirlpool of cool patterns for your teen’s room. To create a more dramatic effect, just color the ceiling with light blue latex and sponge it with white hues to create interesting cloud dapples.
  • Wish to give your boring pad an interesting facelift? Fix up the elegance of your room and camouflage the imperfection of your walls with multiple hues and textures to create an earth-shattering impression. Just coat your wall with a neutral base and sponge it off with accent shades to create myriad interesting textures. You can use a wrinkled fabric or a rag instead of sponge to create a marbled impression.
  • If you loathe loud colors and wish to create a subtle effect on your walls without overwhelming your taste and décor, then opting for similar color patterns can leave you with tastefully colored walls. Coat your walls with a neutral color and sponge on a coat of similar shade to create a monochrome yet layered look. For more effect, you can use flat latex as the base coat and follow it up with a gloss shade or try the more chic tone-on-tone look to create a subtle yet elegant look.
  • Wish to glam up your walls with something new and interesting? Try geometric patterns, graphic designs or interesting printouts to add a dash of character to your personal space. You can also create a faux brick wall using sponge painting to pep up a rustic appeal. Just coat your walls with flat latex, dip rectangular shapes and damp sponge into brick-colored flat acrylic paint and dab it on the wall at equal distance to create your faux brick look.

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