The Brittany is an athletic, sturdy and medium-sized breed of hunting dogs. Read on to get more information on Brittany dogs.

Brittany Dogs

Breed: Gun dog
Height: 17-20.5 inches
Weight: Male 15.8 - 24.9 kg (35 - 55 lb); Female 15.8 - 22.6 kg (35 - 50 lb)
Coat Type: Medium length, flowing

Brittany is a breed of gun dogs that is bred primarily for bird hunting. These dogs, as their very name suggests, were developed in the Brittany province of France, in the 1800’s. They are athletic and sturdily built, boasting of medium size. Their ears are short and triangular, lying flat on the skull that is rounded and of medium length. They have a strong and leggy frame. Brittany dogs are commonly known as Brittany spaniels, but their working characteristics are more akin to a pointer or setter. They have a dense flat or wavy coat with some feathering on the ears and legs. Read on to explore more information on this breed of dogs.

Brittany dogs originated almost 1,800 years ago, Brittany province in France. Their images were first seen on tapestries and paintings from 17th century. These images depicted orange and white dogs, seen hunting and retrieving game. The first verifiable record on this breed of gun dogs came from a hunting description written by Reverend Davies, in 1850. Davies described them as small ‘bobtailed’ dogs, who were great retrievers. The Brittany was first recognized as a breed in 1907, when an orange and white male dog named “BOY” was registered in France. America recognized Brittany in 1931 and the breed received approval from the American Kennel Club in 1934.

A Brittany dog is typically athletic, compact and solidly built, without being heavy. It has long legs, with an expression that is usually intelligent, vigorous and alert. The gait is elastic, long and free. Some Brittany dogs are born with short tails and some with long tails. They come in variety of colors, with the orange and white coat as well as the liver and white coat being the most common. Other colors include orange roan and liver roan, all of which are acceptable in show ring.

Brittany breed of dogs are considered easy to train and sweet natured, though they were originally bred to be hunting dogs. They are generally more sensitive to correction than other hunting breeds. These dogs make excellent family pets as well as working dogs in the field. They are quiet active and require frequent exercise and plenty of room to run. If there is no proper exercise and training, they can even get crazy and uncontrollable. Brittany dogs can become destructive or develop compulsive or neurotic behaviors, if not loved and socialized properly. They can get very shy if not thoroughly socialized. Even amongst the well-socialized dogs, there is significant variation in levels of friendliness. Some of them are highly gregarious and actively seek companionship, while others are unfriendly.

Genetic Disease
Brittany is a healthy dog, but can get subject to a few problems. The problems that it might face are hip dysplasia and epilepsy. This breed of dogs can also suffer from progressive retinal atrophy and glaucoma.

Brittany dogs require regular brushing to keep their coat in a good condition. They can be bathed when necessary or a dry shampoo can also be used. Be sure to clean their ears often, to prevent infection. These dogs are generally used for hunting, so you must check them for ticks, fleas, burrs and other plant material that may get embedded in their coat.

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