This section contains information on various types of dog breeds.

Dog Obedience Tips

Obedience training tips should be effectively used to inculcate good behavior and obedience in your dog. Read the article to find dog obedience tips for training your dog.

Sussex Spaniel Dog

Sussex Spaniel dogs are hunting dogs much prized for their luxurious lustrous coat. Go through the article, to find more information about this dog breed.

Cat Ringworm Symptoms

The most common fungal infection that can be seen in cats is ringworm. Explore this article to know the symptoms and treatment of ringworm in cats.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is an interesting canine with an impressive combo of both dog-like and wolf-like traits. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

English Shepherd Dogs

English Shepherd dogs are working dogs known for their versatility, loyalty and intelligence. Explore this article to know about the English Shepherd dog breed.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog

Chesapeake Bay Retriever or Chessies is an avid water dog which excels in hunting and makes for a great pet. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Treeing Cur Dogs

The Treeing Cur is known to be a courageous and brave hunter, excelling in the field work. To know more about the Treeing Cur breed of dog, go through this article.

Tyrolean Hound Dog

Tyrolean Hound is one of the finest hunting breeds, best known for its keen scenting prowess. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Schapendoes Dog

Schapendoes is an intelligent, large, energetic and a friendly breed of dog. Go through this article, to get detailed information of Schapendoes dogs.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog

Welsh Springer Spaniel dog or Welshies are sporty, energetic hunting dogs that make for great house pets. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Welsh Sheepdog

Strong, fragile, intelligent and independent, these are the words that best describe a Welsh Sheepdog. With this article, explore detailed information about Welsh Sheepdog breed.

Tibetan Terrier Dogs

Also known as the Holy Dog of Tibet, the Tibetan Terrier breed is treasured as a good luck charm and mascot. Explore this article to know more about Tibetan Terrier dogs.

English Pointer Dog

English Pointer dogs or Pointers have their roots in Spain. The canines were popular gaming dogs initially. Read this article to find more information about English Pointer dog breed.

Finnish Hound Dog

Finnish Hounds are popular hunting dogs that are native to Finland. Go through this article, to find detailed information about Finnish Hound dog breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dogs

One of the largest toy breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog is a Spaniel-type dog. Explore this article to know the details about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs.

White English Bulldog

The White English Bulldog is a short fragile and strong breed of dog. Read on to learn more about the White English Bulldog breed.

Skye Terrier Dogs

Skye Terrier dogs are cuddly cute dogs with amiable temperament and strong agility. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Chippiparai Dog

The Chippiparai dogs are excellent hunting dogs with a good speed and high levels of intelligence. Read the article to learn all about the Chippiparai dog breed.

Drever Dog

Drever dog is a native of Sweden and is an excellent tracker and hunter. Go through the article to get detailed information about the Drever dog breed.

Wirehaired Vizsla Dog

Sporty, affectionate and fearless, Wirehaired Vizsla is a canine breed with a combination of all these qualities. Read the article to learn more about Wirehaired Vizsla dogs.

Combai Dog

Combai is a dog of Indian origin best known for its ferocity and protective instincts. Read this article to find more information about Combai dog breed.

English Foxhound Dogs

The English Foxhound dog is a very beautiful breed with an excellent temperament. Explore the article to know the details about English Foxhound dogs.

Old English Bulldog Dogs

The Old English Bulldog is a relatively new breed developed in England. Read on further to know about the Olde English Bulldogge breed.

Welsh Terrier Dog

Welsh Terriers is one of the oldest purebreds with British pedigree. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Utonagan Dogs

Utonagan dog is a rare breed of dog bred from five different breeds of domestic canines. Explore this article to know more about Utonagan dogs.

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