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How To Choose Your Beauty Salon

Choosing a good salon could make all the difference between one bad hair day and three bad hair months. Here’s how to choose your beauty salon.

Braided Hair Styles For Men

Braids have always been a huge fad amongst men. Read your way through this article for a ‘guide of sorts’ on braided hairstyles for men.

How To Look Younger

Fighting ageing and the changes it brings to the body deals more with internal health than the cosmetology. Here’s how to look younger.

Dressing Right To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

Dressing right when meeting your girlfriend’s parents is crucial to the impression you will build. Read on to know how to dress to impress your girlfriend’s parents.

Hair Styling Tips For Men

Believe it or not, the hairstyle of a man can make for his crowning glory. Make your move, plough through this article for hairstyling tips for men.

Best Spa Treatments

Spa treatment is the best way to rejuvenate both your tired mind and body. Explore the article for more on best spa treatments.

Emo Makeup For Girls

Emo makeup is the latest fad among teenagers, especially girls, who swear by emocore music. To know more on how to do emo eye makeup for girls, read through the article.

How To Get Cleavage With A Backless Dress

Wish to rock the prom night with a stunning backless wear but anxious of underplaying your assets? Here are some ways on how to get cleavage with a backless dress without going overboard.

How To Look Super Skinny

Are you more game for sylphlike shape than fulsome figure? If yes, then these tips on how to look super skinny can get you high up on the leaner ladder and make you look a real rage.

How To Care For A Pashmina Shawl

There is nothing humble about opulent pashmina shawls that need careful care and meticulous dealing to feel and stay great. Here are some tips on how to care for a pashmina shawl.

How To Dress For Your Body Type For Men

Wondering how clothes give models a perfect look? Well, it is all about knowing your body type & shape. Explore the article and get tips on how to dress for your body type for men.

How To Choose A Haircut

Bored of flaunting the same hairstyle and plan to do a hair revamp? If yes, then knowing which haircut would fit your style will help. Here are some expert tips to help you choose the right haircut.

Oil Treatment For Hair

A hot oil massage is perhaps the most inexpensive luxury you can treat yourself to, without blowing off your wallet and mane. To know more on the benefits of oil treatment for hair, read on.

How To Do Makeup At Home

Learning how to do proper makeup can enhance your natural beauty and minimize the flaws. Read the article to find tips for applying makeup at home.

How To Measure Women's Waist Sizes

Knowing your waist size can leave you with a little more advantage than just well-fitted denims. Go through the article to get tips on how to measure women’s waist sizes.

Body Piercing Aftercare

Body piercing is one of the most ancient forms of body art, and its practice was prevalent among various cultures. Read more on body piercing aftercare.

Sugaring Vs Waxing

Is sugaring a better hair removing option than the painful waxing? Learn more on the basic difference between sugaring and waxing and make your pick. Here’s more on sugaring vs waxing.

How To Apply Scene Eye Makeup

Want to get that edgy, emo/punk look like a scene girl? Glance through the article and get some tips on how to apply scene eye makeup, to get that vintage look you always dreamt of.

Tick Removal From Human Head

Ticks cause a lot of harm, as they are carriers of diseases. Hence, it is essential to remove them. Read the article to get effective tips on how to remove a tick from human head.

How To Apply Makeup For Honey Colored Eyes

With the right makeup tips, even honey colored eyes can pop up and stand out, making them look sexy and appealing. Read to know how to apply makeup for honey colored eyes.

Tips To Reduce Whiteheads

Is your whitehead sending you running for cover into a cocoon of shame and reticence? Don’t fret. Read the article below to know more on how you can reduce whiteheads.

How To Find Good Swimming Wear For Your Body Type

Though choosing the right swimsuit is a tricky business, but with some tips, you can easily find a perfect one. Explore the article to know how to find good swimming wear for your body type.

How To Make Your Own Chapstick

Chapstick are an indispensable item of the daily beauty regimen. For getting soft, supple lips, indulge in the goodness of homemade chapsticks. Explore recipes on how to make your own chapstick.

How To Remove Brown Spots From Face Naturally

Does your face resemble a foliage without proper water care? Are you wondering how to remove brown spots from your face naturally? Read on to find natural home remedies for brown spots.

How to Make Eyebrows Grow Faster

Need to catch up with an important family function next week, but caught up due to a bad pluck or wax? Glance through the article to know the tips on how to make your eyebrows grow faster and thicker.

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