In order to live a healthy life, it is very important to eat a healthy diet. This section provides information on healthy diet plans and gives some useful health tips as well.

High Fiber Diet Plan

A high fiber diet food is a conventional way of controlling hunger, minimizing threat of certain diseases and inculcating healthy food habits. Read to know the same.

The Water Diet

Water is an important constituent of body and you need to drink at least eight glasses of water in order to eliminate wastes from the body. Read the lines below to know more.

The Hallelujah Diet

Experience the overall healthy lifestyle with a simple and nutritional diet known as hallelujah diet.

Grapefruit Juice Diet

Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus fruit better known as ‘Hollywood diet fruit’. Read on to know some interesting facts related to grapefruit juice diet.

Jenny Craig Diet

Stared in 1983, this diet is the forerunner of all other diets. Explore the article below to learn more on Jenny Craig diet.

The Danish Diet

This diet is basically a fad but with a popularity that can rival the best. Read the article below to learn more on the Danish diet.

Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

Ketogenic diet is the best way to reduce weight. Read the article below to know more on the Ketogenic diet for weight loss.

How Does The FBF Diet Work

Slim down without cutting down on your favorite food, by following the Fat Burning Furnace (FBF) diet. With this article, explore the principles of FBF diet & thus know how does it work.

What Is DASH Diet

DASH diet was developed to control hypertension. Read the article below to know what a DASH diet plan is.

What Is Yo-Yo Dieting

In the yo-yo dieting, you lose and gain weight in the same manner as the up and down motion of a yo-yo. Read the article below to learn more on what is yo-yo diet cycle and what are its dangers.

What Is Peptic Ulcer Diet?

Though peptic ulcers can only be cured with medication and consultation, the peptic ulcer diet helps in giving relief. Here’s about peptic ulcer diet.

What Is Cookie Diet?

A cookie diet is very effective in reducing weight fast. Explore the article below to know what a cookie diet is.

What Is 1000 Calorie Diet?

1000-calorie diet is a unique diet program, which helps obese people to shed weight quickly. Explore the article to know more about 1000 calorie diet.

What Is Fruitarian Diet

A fruitarian diet is known to benefit in various ways and change the lifestyle of people. Read this article to know what a fruitarian diet is and what are the pros and cons of such a diet.

What Is The Jungle Effect Diet?

Would we really be healthy if we ate like our ancestors did? If you want to know more, read about Jungle Effect Diet.

What Is A Low Glycemic Diet?

It may not be another one of the fad diets that come and go like fashion fads. Here’s all you wanted to know about the Glycemic diet plan.

What Are The Benefits Of A Diabetic Diet

A diabetic diet is not only good in controlling diabetes, but its advantages also include a healthy body. Read the article to explore what are the benefits of a diabetic diet plan.

What Is A Cardiac Diet

A cardiac diet is recommended to people who are at imminent risk of a heart attack. Read this article to know what a cardiac diet is and the food list that forms a part of the diet plan.


BRAT Diet is normally recommended to a person who is suffering from diarrhea. Read Brat Diet Plan for Diarrhea.

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