1000-calorie diet is a unique diet program, which helps obese people to shed weight quickly. Explore the article to know more about 1000 calorie diet.

What Is 1000 Calorie Diet?

The 1000 Calories Diet Plan is a balanced eating plan containing about 1000 calories consumed per day. This diet plan can really help overweight people who are desperate to shed their weight in quick time. It is said that one should follow this diet plan only after consulting a physician and it is important to remember that sources of the calories, which will be consumed should be nutritious. Living on just 1000 calories is a very hard task and this diet plan shouldn’t be followed for more than 10 days. 1000 calories diet plan is recommended when obesity is a major health issue and one has to shed the weight to treat the existing health problems. However, this diet has some side effects also, and people following this diet sometimes may really become weak because of the nutrient deficiency. Read on the article to know more about the 1000 Calories Diet Plan. 

1000 Calorie Diet Plan

  • It’s very important to estimate one’s body mass index (BMI) in order to calculate the number of calories that should be consumed on a regular basis. This kind of a weight measurement also depends on the height, weight, and age of a person. A good physical instructor can determine the number of calories needed in order to lose one’s weight by taking the body mass index. Nutritional specialists warn that this diet can be really dangerous if followed without the assistance of a medical professional.
  • One shouldn’t take weight training or other exercises when he/she is on this diet program. The body will not have any stored energy due to the consumption of mere 1000 calories, which makes it almost impossible to do any exercises. Some critics of this diet plan argue that the people who follow this diet will not even have enough energy to perform their daily tasks, though this assumption is immensely dependent upon the body weight and age of each individual dieter.
  • The 1000-calorie diet consists of certain meals, which include vegetables, grains, dairy, fruits, and oils. Each meal is calculated with intense care regarding its caloric value, and portions are kept to a minimal normally. Dieters usually will have 1000 calories or less at the end of the day if they follow this diet.
  • This is not the right diet for people who have large frames even though it may look like a quick weight loss program but people who have smaller frames can take up this program for losing weight. It is good to take vitamin supplements on a regular basis when one follows the 1000 calories diet.
  • It is good to take the advice of a physician if you decide to take 1000 calories diet program. You can avoid unexpected health problems by following a doctor’s advice. You should remember that 1000-calorie diet comprises of specific nutritious foods and trying to mix an independent 1000-calorie food plan may have negative side effects.

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