This section contains a variety of easy and healthy dessert recipes.

Microwave Fudge Recipes

For all those of you who have a sweet tooth, microwave fudge recipes are a great option. Indulge yourself in some delicious fudge desserts with these easy microwave recipes.

Mexican Dessert Recipes

Stimulate your friends’ taste buds with Mexican gastronomical delights. Read on to fins some great, but easy to make Mexican dessert recipes, especially for kids.

Low Fat Sweets For Diwali

No diwali is complete without sweets. In the article below are some low fat sweets for diwali.

How To Make Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a sinfully delicious dessert. Learn how to make it at home.

Low Fat Desserts For Halloween

Halloween is the time for jack–o–lanterns and pumpkins. Read the article below for some low fat desserts for Halloween.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes For Kids

The article brings you some lip-smacking dessert recipes to prepare for children/kids on Thanksgiving, which are also easy to make. Read on to take your pick!

How To Make Caramel Apples

This is an easy-to-make recipe for caramel apples, which will delight your taste buds.

Dessert Recipes For Kids

Dessert recipes for kids should be nutritious & suit their taste preferences. Follow the article to find some easy to make and healthy dessert recipes for children.

How To Make Biscuit Bread

Biscuit breads are easy to make and add a delightful flavor to any occasion and celebration. Check out the two easy recipes given here and know how to make biscuit bread.

Apple Recipes For Fall

Fresh and juicy apples are the flavor of fall season and it is also the time to try out some delightful apple recipes. Explore the article to find some easy fall apple recipes to try at home.

How To Make Apple Dumplings

Apple dumplings are very delicious to taste and their recipe is equally simple to follow. Explore the article to know how to make mouth-watering apple dumplings.

How To Make No Bake Apple Pie

Apple pie is a custom in itself. Explore this article to know how to make no bake apple pie.

How To Make Mango Souffle

Mango souffle is a delightful dessert. Explore the article to find out the recipe for making mango souffle.

Low Carb Dessert Recipes

Low carb desserts are a good way to satiate the taste buds, without thinking about carbs & fats. With this article, explore some easy to make flavorsome low carb dessert recipes.

How To Make Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade ice creams are delightful and tempting dessert options you can indulge in. With the recipes given in this article, explore how to make homemade ice cream.

How To Make Vanilla Pudding

Creamy, tasty, and easy to cook, vanilla pudding is a delicious dessert. Read the recipe given in this article, to know how to make vanilla pudding.

How To Make Banana Muffins

Warm banana muffins, topped with whipped cream, surely prove to be a delight in the chilly winters. Through the recipes listed here, know how to make banana muffins.

Crustless Quiche Recipes

Do you know that it is perfectly possible to make crustless quiches? In this article, we have detailed a number of recipes that will help you know how to make crustless quiche.

Spanish Dessert Recipes

Most of the Spanish desserts involve the use of eggs and milk, making them smooth and creamy. With this article, get to know some easy recipes for homemade Spanish dessert.

Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

Coconut cream pie is a dessert that can be prepared easily, in a matter of minutes. Explore the recipe given here and learn how to make coconut cream pie.

Apple Crumble Recipe

Apple crumble is a delicious dessert, which does not require much time and effort for preparation. Go through the recipe given here and know how to make apple crumble.

Basic Quiche Recipe

If you are able to master the basic quiche recipe, its variations will come to you quite easily. Go through this article and get instructions on how to make a quiche.

French Crepes Recipe

French Crepe is a traditional recipe of France, which originated in Brittany. With this article, you will get to know how to make French crepes, in the best possible way.

Pie Crust Recipe

Following the correct pie crust recipe is essential for making a crispy and delicious pie. Go through this article and get instructions on how to make pie crust.

How To Make Fried Ice Cream

In case you are looking for an easy deep fried ice cream recipe, this article will prove to be perfect for you. Read on to know how to make fried ice cream.

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