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Peer Pressure Activities

Peer pressure is an inseparable part of a student’s life. However, to keep away from negative peer pressure, go through this article and find activities for resisting peer pressure.

Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy

The rate of teenage pregnancies puts a damper not only on a teenager’s life, but on the unborn too! Take a peek at this article to be aware of the consequences of teenage pregnancies.

Why Do Teenagers Take Risks

Wondering why your teenagers snuck out the window when you think they are in bed, sleeping? Why do they take such chances? Explore this article to find out the reasons for teens taking risks.

Reasons Why Teens Should Not Have Their Own Credit Cards

There are many reasons as to why teens should not have their own credit cards. Read on to know more on why teenagers should not be allowed to have credit cards.

Stages Of Puberty In Girls

Understanding the various stages in puberty in girls makes dealing with them easier. Read on to know more about the various stages of puberty in girls.

How To Bond With Your Teen

Bonding with your teenager requires a lot of patience and understanding from your side. Here, we have listed tips on how to bond with your teen and bring him/her closer to you.

How To Discipline Teenagers

Disciplining your teens can be a challenging task, as they are undergoing a transitional phase of their life. Read the article for some tips on how to discipline teenagers.

Middle Child Syndrome

Middle children may feel like an outsider to the family. The article examines what a middle child syndrome is and delves on its symptoms among children suffering from it.

Teen Smoking Prevention

Teen smoking prevention is a topic that has made many parents have sleepless nights. In this article, we have provided tips on how to prevent teenage smoking, just for you.

Dealing With Rebellious Teenagers

While dealing with rebellious teenagers, you should keep a number of things in mind. Here in this article, you will learn how to deal with a rebellious teen.

Things To Do For Bored Teenagers

There are lots of fun things for teens to do in summers, which will keep them busy as well as entertained. With this article, explore ideas on things to do for bored teenagers.

Parenting Teen Daughters

Parenting teen daughters in the right way is important for molding them into matured adults. Go through the article to get some tips on how to parent teen girls.

How To Communicate With Teen

During a child's teenage, communication becomes a problem for parents. Check out tips on communicating with teenagers.

Tips For Dealing With An Adolescent

Dealing with an adolescent is not easy and requires much care by the parents. With the tips given here, know how to deal with an adolescent teenager.

Summer Activities For Teens

Summer activities for teens should help them get away from tiring boredom. In this article, we have provided some fun summer holiday activities for teenagers.

Problems Raising A Teenage Girl

You might have to face some problems while raising teenage girls, but on the whole, it's fun. Check out information on parenting teenage girl.

Tips For Teens Communicating With Parents

In this article, we give you some tips on how teenagers can communicate better with parents. Read on to find out some communication tips as well.

How To Keep Teens From Yelling Back

In case you are wondering how to keep teenagers from shouting back, given below are some useful tips for your help.

How To Deal With An Adolescent Teen

For most of the parents, the question of ‘how to deal with an adolescent teen’ is a difficult to answer. Read further and know how to deal with an adolescent teenager.

Self Esteem Activities For Teens

Self-esteem needs to be developed in teens for their bright and prosperous future. Here are some tips on building self esteem in teenagers.

Fun Things For Teens To Do

Teenagers can engage themselves in a variety of activities in order to kill boredom and enjoy their lives. Check out our list of fun things for teens to do and enjoy.

Risks of Teen Pregnancies

With an alarming rise in teen pregnancies, there is an urgent need to keep a check on lifestyle of teens. Check out the risk factors associated with teenage pregnancy.

Gang Signs

Signs of gang activity usually are not checked on time due to denial by the society at large. Check out some sure-shot signs of gang involvement.

Getting Your Child to Listen

Getting your child to listen to you is not very difficult. To know how to make your toddler listen to you, read on.

Sex Education In India

The issue of introducing sex education in schools in India has received varied feedbacks. It has been found that sex education in teenagers promote a healthy attitude towards sex.

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