Signs of gang activity usually are not checked on time due to denial by the society at large. Check out some sure-shot signs of gang involvement.

Gang Signs

Street gangs have evolved from being just a local group of loosely organized thugs to a well-knit organization that can operate in different countries and carry on illegal activities on a large scale. The society at large faces a looming threat from these gangs that sometimes even employ kids to carry out illegal activities. This is basically due to the fact that kids less than 13 years of age cannot be jailed whatsoever. Even if a society recognizes gang they don’t really take up the task of eliminating the gang due to fear and self denial. This, of course, till something serious happens.
Gang Activity
Sophisticated gangs these days operate at local, national and even international level. Some of the illegal activities carried out by the gangs include high-stakes narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, gambling, robbery and other serious crimes. The gangs are very mobile and fast, which is what makes them all the more dangerous. Gang activity is not limited to downtown areas or poor neighborhoods, they can be found anywhere. If you spot graffiti’s and signs of a particular design on walls behind buildings in your area, don’t hesitate to inform the cops as this may be a sign of gang activity. Also, a sudden increase in illegal activities and crime rate in your neighborhood may indicate a possibility of gang activity.
Signs of Gang Involvement
Many parents remain unaware of their children’s involvement in gangs. Kids go and join gangs if they feel neglected at home or school and don’t have many friends or are bullied constantly. Joining a gang gives them a sense of security and makes them feel wanted. Check out some sure-shot signs of gang involvement and check if your kids are involved in a gang or not. 
  • Abrupt change in behavior and over-all personality
  • Frequent trouble with the law or legal bodies
  • Graffiti on items such as notebooks, bedroom walls, clothes, etc.
  • Preference for particular color of clothes (gang colors)
  • Secretive about new accomplices and friends
  • Staying out late often
  • Tattoos or symbols of the gang on hands or body
  • Unexplained wounds and injuries
  • Unexplained new possessions or money
  • Unusual desire for being alone or demanding privacy
  • Use of nicknames or a street name
  • Withdrawal from family or friends

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