Your toddler’s sleep problems can be a nuisance for you. If you are troubled by your toddler at night, read this article & get answers on common questions about your child’s sleep problems.

Toddler Sleep Problems

Nursing a cranky toddler in the middle of the night is often irksome. A child who abruptly wakes up during the night, or a child who resists going to bed altogether, can be a source of great discomfort to his/her parents. Especially if you are a working parent, having to deal with a grumpy toddler every night can mess up your professional life. Generally 20% of toddlers suffer from various sleeping disorders for a variety of reasons. But, it is always better if it is not your child who is also contributing to the digits. If you are a parent who is bothered by sleeping disturbances in your toddler, just go through this article and get all the answers on relevant questions about your child’s sleep problems.
The Signs
  • ‘Narcolepsy’ or difficulty in waking up in the morning
  • ‘Nocturnal Enuresis’ or bedwetting
  • ‘Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome’ (snoring and breathing disorders while sleeping)
  • Bedtime resistance and refusal to go to bed
  • Constant and abrupt night awakenings
  • Excessive coughing and sweating at night
  • Lack of proper bed time routine
  • Night terrors (accompanied by screams and shouts)
  • Sleepwalking and Sleep talking at night
Tips to Sleep Tight
·        Develop a healthy and consistent night time routine for your child. Stick to the routine and see that there are no discrepancies in the same.
·        Never engage in games and activities that give a boost to your toddler’s activity level before bedtime.
·        Create a calm and restful environment before your child goes to sleep. Narrate pleasant bedtime stories, followed by a good night kiss.
·        Provide a stuffed animal or a soft toy if your child sleeps alone. It will make him feel secure. Also leave the door open if the child insists.
·        You can play some soothing music in a very low volume, to ease the atmosphere, before your child goes to sleep.
·        Make sure that the dim lights are turned on. It is always better not to make your toddler sleep in total darkness.
·        Regulate the temperature of the room as required. See that the blinds and windows are closed and the fan/AC is properly adjusted.
·        Provide the child with a cup of warm milk every night. Lie down with him for sometime, but make sure you leave before he falls asleep.
Try out these tips and provide a relaxing nighttime atmosphere for your toddler. If you still fail to notice any changes in the child, it is better to consult and seek guidance from a pediatrician.

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