Answering a child's questions about sex is almost always awkward for parents. With this article, get to know the top questions kids ask about sex, along with their answers.

Answering A Child's Questions About Sex

Raising children is not at all an easy task. When they are small, you need to stay up all night to ensure that they sleep soundly. When they grow a little and start walking, you need to be sure that they do not get into trouble and hurt themselves. As they grow, you have to face their questions regarding sex and babies and provide answers for the same. Most of the parents somehow manage to do almost all the tasks, except the last one. Sex education is something that majority of the parents feel awkward talking about. However, it is one of the most important things that you need to teach you child. In the following lines, we provide you tips for dealing with the issue.
Top Questions and Answers Kids Ask about Sex
Question - Where do babies come from?
Answer - The question that kids ask the most is where do babies come from? In such a case, you can tell them that the babies come from an egg that daddy puts in mommies stomach. You can also tell them about the area where babies come out from, depending upon the age of the child. However, in the initial stages you do not need to tell them about lovemaking.
Question - Where are the names of the private parts?
Answer - Children are always very curious, whether it is about themselves, other people, their surroundings or rather, anything that they can see. It is obvious that they will want to know about their private parts too. It is perfectly alright to tell children the proper names of all their private parts, matter-of-factly, without attaching any embarrassment to the same.
Question - Is it okay to touch one’s private parts?
Answer - You might find your children playing with their private parts. Remember, it is perfectly normal for them to explore their body and you should not scold them for it. Rather, tell them that you know that such a thing feels good, but it should not be undertaken on a regular basis. Do tell them that such things are very private and should not be done in front of anybody else. 
Some Tips for Answering a Child's Questions about Sex 
  • Do not try to postpone the situation. Such an action only leads children to seek information from other sources, which might often be misleading. Tell them what they want to know as soon as they ask for information regarding it.
  • Whenever you children ask something about sex, do not lie and always give a straightforward answer. However, giving them all the information at one time is not necessary. Rather, make them aware of the process gradually, over time.
  • Do make sure to tell your children the difference between good touch and bad touch. Tell them that no one has the right to touch their private parts and if they do not like the way someone is touching them, they have the right to say no. Encourage them to tell you anything and everything they want and never ever hide something from you.
  • If you feel a little awkward talking about sex, which most of the parents do, it is always advisable to take help from books. These days, so many books are available in the market, using which you can give your child sex education easily.
  • Always begin sex education at home, before the children get exposed to it in school. This is because schools will only tell them what happens, but not things like when it should happen or with whom. This is something that you need to teach them. Always answer their questions and be open to dialogue at home.

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