A toddler is a child who is learning to walk, and hence there are some activities which can be fun & learning experience at the same time. Read on to find out some fun outdoor activities and games.

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

A toddler is a term which is used for a very young child who is just learning to walk. A toddler is basically in his second stage of development, just before childhood. It is during this time that a child gets to learn about social roles and also starts to develop his motor skills. Hence, the more active the child will be, the greater deal of learning will happen.
There are various outdoor activities for toddlers which can help them to learn and grow. To know more about the various games and activities, read on. Some of the fun outdoor games for kids and toddlers are the following:
  • Everybody loves butterflies and hence attracting butterflies can be a great game for the toddlers. You can attract butterflies by creating a spot in your garden that has some special kinds of plants which will help to attract them. It helps to remember that butterflies are attracted to colours like purple, yellow and orange. After you have done the hard work of creating a special spot to attract the butterflies, just sit back and relax. Once the butterflies actually start gathering, show them to the child and they are sure to enjoy seeing these colorful beauties.
  • Another interesting outdoor fun game for an infant can be a phone book beam. Since children at this age are learning to develop their motor skills, this can actually help them develop their skills. All you need to do is cover some old phone book in paper; try and use a coloured paper to gather the attention of the toddler. Wrap the entire book by this paper and lay them flat on the ground outside, perhaps in the garden. The toddlers can actually use these as balance beams while they try to walk.
  • Since the toddlers at this age are learning social responsibilities, this activity can be fun and a learning experience at the same time. All you need is an empty jar, water and some plant seeds. Fill the jar with water till it covers the bottom half of the seeds. Now, place the jar at a place in your garden where there is enough sunshine present. Make your child water the seeds daily. Eventually, the seed will sprout and will grow into a beautiful plant. Make sure that your child waters it daily. This is a great way to have some fun for your toddler and to teach them responsibility for the things we love, as well.
  • A game called ‘Follow the Leader’ can be immense amount of fun. Start the game by being the leader and have your child follow you. Be sure to guide your toddler through various movements like hopping, running, standing on one leg, crouching down behind a bush or jumping up and down. Now, provide a chance for the toddler to be a leader while you follow around.
  • A great way to teach your toddler to walk is to tiptoe. Tiptoe teaches your toddler to actually use his/ her own body weight to develop strength and balance. Before allowing the child to tiptoe, make sure you do it while the child is watching. Then have the child follow you as you tiptoe forward, backward, sideward and in circles.
  • A classic children's game called hopscotch is a very good way to teach the toddler how to balance and co-ordinate. First, draw a hopscotch board on the ground, using a chalk. Once you've drawn it then you and your toddler can start to have some serious fun by searching the backyard for a smooth stone to use as your marker. Whoever searches the stone first, wins. But, make sure that the child gets to find it first as this will boost his inner confidence and will also make his motor skills stronger.

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