Playing games and indulging in activities with preschool kids is a fun experience. Explore the article and get ideas for some popular games and activities for toddlers.

Preschool Games And Activities

Preschool games and activities are fun way to incorporate the basic learning and social skills in toddlers. You can teach the little ones many things, from alphabets, counting and drawing to singing rhymes and doing exercises, through fun games and activities. It is a nice way to prepare the kids for the Grade school as well. Simple outdoor games, indoor games and easy exercises also ensure the physical fitness of the preschoolers. Read on to get some nice ideas for preschool games and activities.
Fun Games And Activities For Toddlers
Toddler Games
Hide And Seek
Bring in a variation to the conventional hide and seek game. You may hide a timer somewhere at your home, which is hard to reach. Ask the players to assemble at a room. Set the alarm on and ask the players to seek the timer before the alarm is switched off. This game is the best to play on a rainy day, when the little ones cannot entertain themselves outdoors.
Animal Charades
As the name suggests, animal charades is a variation of the traditional dumb charades. In this game, you need to fill a pillowcase with stuffed animals. Divide the children into teams, with two members in each team. Have one of the children close his/her eyes, when the other one picks out a stuffed animal, identifies it and puts it back in the pillowcase. Now, the kid, who has picked the animal, has to enact it, so that the other members (with eyes open now) try to guess which animal it is.
Bunny Hop
Bunny hop is a fun way to act like bunny. Have the children lined up at a starting line. Signal the start of the game by a whistle. On hearing the signal, the children should race to reach first at the finishing line, by hopping like a bunny. The toddler reaching first will be the winner.
Toddler Activities
Nursery Rhymes and Dance
Reciting nursery rhymes is a common activity that the preschoolers are well aware of. To bring in a little difference to the activity, choreograph some dance steps for the children, so that they recite the rhymes along with dancing. Teach them expressive hand gestures and easy dance steps. This will make learning an experience packed with fun. Moreover, the toddlers will learn all the popular poems quickly.
Drawing is something that the preschoolers enjoy the most. Supply them with coloring books, sketch pens, color pencils, pastels, water color and crayons. Give them an image to draw, say a fruit or a vegetable. Let them choose the type of color they want to use for drawing.
Backyard Camping
Backyard camping will be a fun experience for toddlers who are not mature enough to go for trekking. To create the atmosphere at your backyard, get some canvas tents, sleeping bags, flashlights and snacks. Install the tents, on a fine summer night, in your backyard. Supply snacks, sleeping bags, flashlights and snacks to the toddlers. You may walk along with them in the dark, indulge them in star gazing and narrate a few campfire stories.  

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