Music activities for toddlers generally involve the coordination of their movements with the beats of the song. Go through this article to explore music activity ideas for preschoolers.

Music Activities For Toddlers

Playing with toddlers is surely a fun activity. They simply love to walk, run and hop around, as they are highly active. If you want the preschoolers to spend their time in a productive, yet entertaining way, arranging music activities for them will be the best bet. Not only are such activities entertaining, but educative as well. By indulging your toddlers in music activities, you can teach them about the coordinating sounds with different movements, without getting them bored. Check out some of the best music activity ideas for toddlers in this article.
Music Activity Ideas For Preschoolers
Teach Music With Movements
'Music and movement' activities for toddlers include the coordination of rhymes with their body movements. For instance, you can make your toddlers move their head, shoulders, knees or toes, in coordination with the rhyme that they sing. This will help them learn coordination and change the movement of their body parts, in accordance with the rhyme.
Make A Music Band
Divide the kids into groups. Hand one musical instrument to each of them. Music instruments such as ticks, bells, triangles and shakers, can be easily played by the toddlers. Now, guide the children to play in patterns. A simple way to make them play the music will be to let them take turns on each phrase or verse of the song/rhymes.
Sing Songs
Sing a phrase of a song and ask the toddlers to repeat the same. Add a new and different tune to the rhyme each time. This will help the children register new tunes in their minds, apart from the traditional ones. Apart from singing the words, let them hum the phrases as well. This way, they will be able to develop good breathing control.
Make Them Listen And Follow
Teaching the toddlers to follow the rules through music is a very interesting activity. Arrange the children in a queue and play the music. Ask them to follow whatever you do, as they listen to the music. For instance, if you jump three times, make them follow it.
Get some sticks and a colorful yarn for the toddlers. Now, tie the yarn onto the sticks and handle one to each of the kids. Play a song and have them wave their sticks around, so that the yarns make beautiful designs in the air.
'Freeze' Game
Ask the toddlers to stand in a row and tell them to listen to the music carefully. They have to 'freeze' when the background music stops. If a child still moves when the music has been stopped, he/she is out of the game. This will help build concentration power in the little ones. Play the music until only one child is left standing.

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