This article provides information on the sleep position as well as place of newborn babies. Go through it and get details on how should babies sleep.

How Should Babies Sleep

As soon as a baby is born, the life of his parents starts revolving around him. Right from the time they get up in the morning to the time when they go to bed, sometimes even in-between sleep, they are concerned about their child only - his feeds, nappy changes, bathing and so on. An infant spends majority of his time in sleeping and this forms one of the major areas of concern for his parents. In other words, where should a baby sleep as well as how should he sleep are the questions they are the most worried about.
How Should Babies Sleep
Sleep Position
One of the most important considerations, as far as a sleeping baby is concerned, comprises of the sleep position. Parents want to know whether to let their baby sleep on his stomach or make him sleep on the back or allow him to take a side. Till the time your baby is not able to roll over by himself, it is advisable to make him sleep on his back. This is because this position is believed to be associated with reduced incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Letting your infant sleep on his stomach is not advisable. Though it is seen that babies sleep better on their stomach, especially when curled up on a parent's or chest, it is not at all a good position for them. It is believed that while lying on his stomach, a baby might not get enough oxygen or suffocate on a soft and yielding mattress or inhale the microbes present in the mattress. However, once your baby can roll on its own, you should let him choose the sleeping position he is most comfortable in, and not interfere with it.
Sleep Place
After the sleeping position, it is the time to correct the sleeping place of your child. It is advisable for the parents to put their child in a cot, rather than taking him to bed with them. This is because in case of co-sleeping, there is always a risk that baby might get suffocated or strangled. Even studies have shown a higher incidence of SIDS, in cases where the baby slept with the parents. At the same time, it is not advisable to make the baby sleep in another room. Keep him in your room, at least till he is an infant, but in a separate cot.

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