Finally, your little wonder is here and you are still clueless on what to buy for your new baby. Surf through this checklist to know more on things to buy for newborn babies and get shopping!

Things You Need For A New Baby

When pregnant, it is easy to think of hundreds of things to buy and even indulge in a bit of retail therapy to beat the pregnancy blues and arrange for the warm welcoming of your priceless little one. From toys to tiny socks to hordes of fancy stuff, parents often stretch the limit of their credit cards when shopping for their babies, but very often miss out on the essential “must haves” for their tiny little tots. We all know that when it comes to shopping, especially for the babies, more is always less. Parents usually start well, investing in painting the nursery, buying fancy cots and sheets, picking feeding bottles and toys, but often forgetting to buy nappies, diaper bags and baby wipes. These teeny-weeny buys may often look inconsequential but nevertheless are of absolute importance to your baby. If you are a new parent and totally naïve to the needs of your baby, then taking a quick look through this shopping checklist would leave you with a clue on what to buy. Read on to know more on this.
Things To Buy For Newborn Babies
It can be a great fun to shop for tiny little shirts, baby vests, sleep suits, socks and hats for your little one. Nevertheless remember, your little cherub can be extremely messy and spring leaks from all corners. So you better buy at least a dozen of clothes to fill your needs. If you are a new mom and totally clueless on what to add to your shopping cart, getting some comfy soft woolens, mitts and socks, stretch suits, hats, bibs and burp cloths should set the wardrobe for your baby. And yes, don’t forget to buy loads of terry nappies and disposables for your tot. You will need plenty of them!
Toiletries and Bath Accessories
New mums and dads can hit a duck when shopping for toiletries and other care products for their little one. With so many baby care products adorning the supermarket shelves, it is easy to feel a little lost when picking stuff for your baby. However, buying absolute baby care essentials like no tears bubble bath, nappy cream, no tears shampoo, cotton wool, baby wipes, baby lotion, dummies, pacifiers, nail clippers, baby powder, changing mat and baby robes, or soft towels should suffice for the time being.
Picking the right furniture for your baby’s nursery can put you in a tight spot, more so if you don‘t know where to start and where to stop. You don’t really need to buy the entire furniture store for your little tot who is too young to avail its comforts. Just buying the basic stuff like a crib, a cot, sheets and blankets, carriers, pram, pushchair or stroller, bouncy chair and a car seat should do for you.
Utility Items
Irrespective of whether your tot is breastfeeding or not, you might need to get hold of certain utility items like feeding bottles, spare teats, bottle warmer, breast pump, sterilizers, bottle brush and not to forget, tins of formula milk for your little one. You can also add a few more items to your shopping list like feeding bowls, weaning spoons and beakers. You never know when your baby needs them. So it’s always good to have these utility items handy.
There is no denying that parents just love to shop for toys for their little ones and often pamper their tiny ones with super-size dolls, soft toys, cute bunnies and bears, balls and more when their baby is too small to play with them. Nevertheless, that’s understandable. Who wouldn’t like to pamper their kids, right? However, buying the right toys can help your child develop faster and have fun. Some of the easy options include rattles, bright colored soft toys, teethers, musical toy, fuzzy sheep etc.

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