This section contains articles offering useful advice on disciplining children and upbringing them by inculcating good values in them.
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Discipline Techniques

Disciplining a child is possibly one of the biggest challenges for any parent or teacher. Check out this write up on discipline techniques for kids and get your child to behave.

Hygiene For Kids

‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ and this is all the more true in the case of kids. Read below to learn more on hygiene for kids.

Aggressive Behaviour In Children

Abuse of any kind, low self esteem or fear can be some of the few reasons for your child’s aggressive behaviour. Investigate this article to learn more.

Teaching Your Child Proper Hygiene

Your child’s annoying hygienic habits are something that should never be encouraged. Teach your child the worth of health and hygiene with this tips on how to teach your child proper hygiene.

Teaching Kids Respect For Wildlife

Looking to teach your child respect for wildlife? Here are a few tips on what would be helpful for your kids to understand and respect wildlife.

How To Manage Your Kids In The Kitchen

Thinking of introducing your kids to the kitchen and the art of cooking? Here are a few helpful tips on managing kids in the kitchen.

How To Get Your Kids To Wash Their Hands The Right Way

Tired of telling your kids to wash their hands properly and not getting any success? This article will give you some tips on how to get your kids to wash their hands properly.

Handling A Crying Child

Handling a crying child can often be distressing, as everything, from anger to hunger, is expressed by tears. In case you are thinking how to handle a crying child, check out these effective tips.

How To Unspoil A Child

Parents do not set out deliberately to spoil their child, sometimes children show tantrums, and here are few tips to unspoil your child.

Preparing Siblings For New Baby

Sibling rivalry can start right before or after the birth of the new baby. Read more to know about preparing siblings for new baby.

Teach Your Child To Have Excellent Manners

Television and popular media have made it imperative for parents to give a firm lesson to children about manners. Here’s all about teaching good manners to children.

How To Stop Giving Your Child Money

Make your children responsible by teaching them the value of money. Read on to get advice on how you can stop giving your child pocket money and make him cut down on unnecessary expenses.

How To Say No To Your Kids

If you are looking forward for a proper upbringing of your child, you need to say ‘no’ at the appropriate time. Learn how to say no to your child.

Teaching Children To Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a must for any diet especially for children. Explore the article below on teaching children to eat fruits and vegetables.

Prepare Your Toddler For A Haircut

To avoid the stress, better prepare your toddler before taking him/her for a haircut. Explore the article on preparing your toddler for a haircut.

How To Teach Your Child About Healthy Diet And Nutrition

Teach your child about nutrition so that he/she can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read the article below to know how to teach your child about healthy diet and nutrition.

How To Teach Children To Bathe

Popular culture notwithstanding, most children enjoy taking a bath, especially in summer. Here’s how to teach your child to bathe all by himself.

Bedtime Routines

Consistency is the keyword when it comes to teaching a child what to do before going to bed. Here’s everything about establishing bedtime routines for children.

Teaching Children About Money Management

Every parent wants his or her child to grow up as a financially independent individual. Read on to know how to teach money management to children.

How To Deal With A Biting Child

Biting is the only weapon that the child can use effectively. Explore the article below to know how to deal with a biting child.

How To Overcome Your Child’s Tantrums

If you haven’t been smart enough to prevent their occurrence, it is important for you to learn to overcome your child’s tantrums.

How To Teach Toddlers To Obey

Teaching toddlers to obey is a tough nut to crack. Read the article given below to learn how to teach toddlers to obey.

Aggression In Young Children

Though screaming, kicking, and other aggressive behaviour can be frustrating, there are positive ways to dealing with aggression in young children.

How Do I Handle Toddler Tantrums In Public?

Inevitable though they may be, it is often a matter of embarrassment to handle your toddler’s tantrums publicly. Here’s how to do so.

How Can I Get My Child To Stop Watching TV?

It takes less effort and more creativity and love to get your child off the television and on to something some constructive.

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