Why do we need education? Read this article and know that the benefits harvested from the seeds of education are manifold!

Why Do We Need Education

Preschool to elementary, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, and high school to college — congratulations, you are now educated! Or are you? Is there any other education outside the chain mentioned above? Of course there is! Even a dictionary splits up the word “education” into several connotations including “the gradual process of acquiring knowledge” and “the result of good upbringing”. Education and the need for it don’t start and stop at schools or colleges. It starts the moment you’re born and keeps going on till the end. Counting only the knowledge gained from professional institutes would be incomplete, for that just constitutes the formal part of it. In actuality, there are two types of education – formal and informal. Excluding any of the part would make education incomplete. It’s the raw mannerism and behavior which we carry forward to school and come out with a refined form at the end. It’s the informal that builds our core and it’s the formal that puts a protective crust over it. The importance of education is much more than just getting a job. It tunes our pre-existent ability to think, question, and believe beyond a common perception. It imparts us with a freedom to choose and believe what we think is right; to have our own opinion and yet being able to make a difference. Continue to read and educate yourself with the importance and need for education.
Benefits Of Education
  • It lays the foundation stone for what you’re going to be in the coming years. Continuance of it adds positive character to your personality, leads to many behavioral and psychological changes, creates the ability to differentiate right from wrong, and nurtures the much-needed adaptability in this dynamic world.
  • It’s not an overstatement to quote that “Sky is the limit”. It’s because of a gradual learning process of millenniums that we have evolved from being the residents of Stone Age to the residents of an ever evolving Technological Age. Education has broadened our view and made impossible look possible.
  • Education helps you discover your skills and polishes them in way which allows you to utilize your potential to the fullest and make a positive contribution to the society by giving it the best of yourself and the ideas that have the ability to change a nation.
  • Education helps in reducing the class barrier prevalent in the society and nurtures social economic development by paving the way for equality. A nation whose majority of population is well educated promotes social economic equality and develops faster into one strong cohesive country.
  • Advancements in science and medicine in the world are directly related to education and its quality. It’s only because of a qualified system of education that the developed countries are reaping the benefits in terms of rapid progress in science and medicine.

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