Looking to teach your child respect for wildlife? Here are a few tips on what would be helpful for your kids to understand and respect wildlife.

Teaching Kids Respect For Wildlife

Most kids love watching Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic for their content on wild life. It fascinates every child to watch wild animals on screen, their behaviors, habitats, feeding habits, etc. It is also the responsibility of every parent to teach children the importance of respecting wild life and the difference between domesticated and wild animals. There are also various camps and retreats that teach children about wild life and things that are safe to do around wild animals. Children should be taught the importance of signs that say, “Do not feed the wild animals”. You could also enroll your child in various summer camps, camping trips or wildlife hikes that have experienced guides who can teach the children the importance of saving endangered species and the dos and don’ts around a wild animal. It will help teach your children to respect wildlife and help them take an active interest in saving endangered species as well as teach them to be on the safe side if they ever chance upon a wild animal.
How To Teach Children Respect For Wildlife
Parental Guidance For Shows On Wild Animals 
Children are fond of watching shows on the Discovery Channel and are exposed to the wondrous world of wild animals and their handlers. Parents should be responsible enough to let the kids know that wild animals are dangerous and the handlers are experts at what they do.
Educate Children On What “Wild” Means 
Children often tend to be attracted to animals as cute and cuddly pets, but it is the duty of the parent to let them know that no matter how furry or cute an animal looks, wild animals don’t behave the same way pets do. They can be extremely dangerous and you would be putting your little one in danger if you don’t let them know what is safe and what is unsafe. Wild animals do not generally differentiate between an adult and a child and will react with their instincts, which might expose your child to danger.
Threat Of Diseases And Germs 
Wild animals may have tons of germs and could be even sick or diseased even though they look normal on the outside. Teach your child that friendly neighborhood squirrel or possum might not be so friendly at times and might even be able to pass on a disease that they might not be affected by.
A Visit To The Zoo 
Take your child to a nearby zoo, you could help them understand about the importance of the word “wild” without actually putting your child in danger. Explain to your child the difference between wild animals and pets, a lesson in the dangers of feeding wild animals will also help them to understand the gravity of the situation.
Buying A Pet 
When your child is old enough, you could adopt a pet and teach him/her that animals are living things too. Respect for animals can be taught by letting your child take care of the pet, feeding it and grooming it.

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