Gaining the respect and love of your children is very important for maintaining a loving and healthy relationship. Check out the tips given here and know how to earn the respect of your child.

How To Earn The Respect Of Your Child

“Respect commands itself and can neither be given nor withheld when it is due”. These simple words by Eldridge Cleaver, a renowned social critic and influential writer of the 20th century, exemplify the importance and significance of respect in leading a contented life. It is an inherent human desire to be valued and respected by others and often, we defend ourselves when we feel that our self-respect is being threatened. The concept and the ubiquity of respect has intrigued philosophers and moral preachers since a long time and many a concepts have been evoked in bioethics, workplace ethics and environmental ethics regarding this issue. Even in our home, we desire to be appreciated and esteemed by our family members. This is particularly very important in a parent-child relationship. Every parent strives to attain the love and respect of his or her children. However, they are often unaware of the way in which they can achieve this. For all those parents, we have listed tips on how to earn the respect of your child, in the lines given below.
Gaining Respect From Your Children 
  • To earn respect, you should learn to give respect to others. The same holds true in a child-parent relationship as well. If you are disrespectful and judgmental about your children, it will have a negative effect on your relationship. Love your children, but at the same time set definite boundaries and make it very clear to your children where they should draw the line.
  • At a young and tender stage, children often tend to do mistakes, without understanding the consequences or the end result. Their minds are always curious about conflicting issues like drugs, sex and so on. They are unable to decide what is right and what is wrong for them and in this confusion; they may often get directed towards a destructive path. It is your duty, as a parent, to make them understand and take responsibility of their actions. Disciplining and counseling children is an important responsibility that every parent should fulfill. This way you will definitely earn the respect and love of your children.
  • Try to be the role model of your child, by being an example and following what you preach. Often children feel that the rules that are set for maintaining discipline in the house are meant only for them and the adults are at liberty to break them according to their own whims and fancies. Try to prove them wrong and follow the same set of rules that you have made for your children.
  • Never hesitate to apologize and say sorry to your children, if you are at fault. Asking for forgiveness does not make you small and will, in fact, show your kids that you are willing to take responsibility of your faults and make amendments. This way, they will be inspired to do the same as well.
  • Try to understand the mindset of your children and give them personal space whenever they feel the need to have it. Too many restrictions can restrict their individually and you will lose respect in their eyes as well. Remember, there is a difference between respect and fear.

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