Does you child exhibit disrespectful behavior? Are you wondering how to teach children respect? Read on to find tips on teaching respect to kids.

Teaching Kids Respect

Teaching kids the value of respect is very essential these days. Today, children get exposed to a lot of appalling things in childhood itself, which have resulted in them losing the basic values of life. Though we cannot totally control the environment in which our children are brought up, we can definitely teach them correct and respectful behavior. Lack of respect amongst children is becoming rather common problem for the parents. Teaching them to respect others is very important, as it not only sets the basis of socializing, but also helps them respect themselves. In case you are also worried as to how to teach your children respect, the tips given below will surely help.
Teaching Kids Respect 
  • It is very important to give your child respect. You must have heard that it is only when you show respect, you will get respect. Show respect to your children. Give them full attention and listen to them properly, because it is only this way that you will be able to make them understand how important it is to have respect for others in a relationship.
  • Children learn from elders. To teach manners to your child, you should be well-mannered yourself. Words like "please" and "thank you" can be taught to a child, only if you use them. Politeness is also something that can be incorporated among the children only if the parents show gracious behavior.
  • It is not always necessary that your child will think or feel the same way as you do. Disagreeing with a person does not account to being disrespectful. You can explain and give reason for what you think is right, but do not impose everything on your children. Your child can disagree with you and still respect you.
  • To react is good, but overreaction is bad. Whenever there is a situation that requires you to be strict, show a firm behavior. However, do not start shouting or abusing. Remember one thing, your child learns from you. If you get hyper and start to yell, your child would learn that and would exhibit such behavior in future. You can be firm and strict, but still show respect.
  • Let the child know his/her limits. It is very important for you to set a definite boundary for the child. If he/she acts rebellious, discuss the reasons for the set parameters. A child will always want more freedom, but would respect being given limits, if he/she knows and appreciates the reason for the same.
  • One thing that is very important for you is to praise you child when he/she shows desirable behavior. Whenever a child exhibits respectful behavior at home or outside, let him/her know that you are proud of him/her. This will encourage your child to be respectful in future as well.

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