Teaching children to do the daily chores is an essential part of parenting. Check out how you can teach your kids to do the chores in a simple manner.

How To Teach Children To Do Chores

Teaching children to do chores isn’t as easy as it sounds. It involves a great deal of patience and courage to teach your kids to do the chores by themselves. But this is something that every parent should impart in their kids so as to make them responsible in the growing age. Doing the chores would teach the children about cleanliness, time management, being responsible and respecting others. Do read on to know how you can teach your children to do chores.
Teaching Kids To Do Chores
Chores are something that not only kids dislike; even young adults tend to ignore. Most parents are very curious to teach their children chores in their teenage years. Some of them actually end up begging, threatening and beating their kids for the same. Also, children often end up complaining about the chores in spite of setting guidelines and rules for them. Here are some ways on how you can teach your children to do the chores: 
  • Engage your kids in the household work from a young age. The chores can be converted into a game.
  • Ask the preschoolers to pick up the toys and books that they were indulged in.
  • Ask the young ones to put away the laundry and teenagers to assist in doing the laundry.
  • Give your kid a feather duster to clean up the furniture and tables. They would love to do it happily since the duster would be something fluffy.
  • In case you have pets at your place, ask your child to feed them and take care of them. This is something they would love to do since kids are more attached to pets.
  • Kids love to play with things in the house. Give them a mop and ask them to clean the floors.
  • The teenagers can assist in taking out the trash, washing your car, cleaning dishes and the bathroom. Teach them how to setup the table for lunch and dinner.
  • Ask them to assist you in preparing meals and grocery lists, cleaning the refrigerator and other appliances, and replace light bulbs and vacuum cleaner bags.
  • Take your children along with you while shopping for groceries and household items. This will give them an idea of how the whole process is carried out.
  • Prepare a chart listing the different chores and ask your kids to mark their name against the task done by them. 
  • Do not overburden your children with the activities listed above. Initially assist them in doing the same and gradually ask them to do it individually. This would enable you to substitute your chores among the children and thus, make them responsible adults.
  • Do not forget to praise your child for every accomplished chore.
  • Every child is different from the other. Hence, some of them may take time to get adjusted to the chores as compared to others.

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