Want to get your child out from the couch and into activity gear? Find out some great after school activities for your kids.

After School Activities For Children

With the whole world talking about health, fitness, obesity and so on, it is really hard to come home to a child who is bored and has done nothing but watched television, all this while. Many children take interest in sporting activities, dance, music or martial arts, after school, as a way to utilize time constructively. There are, however, a fair number of them who do not want to do any of it. Sometimes, even those, who are interested in the above-mentioned activities will crib, of boredom and monotony. After all, it’s boring to do the same thing, over and over again. Pushing your reluctant kid to go to, his karate class is not advisable. However, you don’t have to worry and put up with a bored child for very long. Nor do you need to turn on the television to end your child’s boredom. Try these after school activities on your child and help him fight boredom, dullness, and calories.
Kids' After School Activities
Crafty Kids
Crafts are often an innovative and inexpensive way, in which kids can spend their time after school. Help your son, build a kite that he can fly, or help your little girl make hats out of inexpensive craft paper. It not only helps kill time but also helps them express their creativity.

Clay Molding
Buy some fresh clay and teach your children to make little clay animals like cats and elephants. If he/she can build little human figures too, then you may have a Rodin in your family! However, even if it isn’t as far-fetched as that, it could be quite surprising to see your child’s creativity, in such a tangible form. After he/she is done, you can bake and preserve the figurines and use them to tell him/her a story later.

Remember how we played that game between two lectures at school or, sometimes, even in the middle of a few lectures? Games like these help the child’s language skills, as they demand that the child know not only his surroundings, but also basic geography and life sciences. It may encourage him/her to pick up the encyclopedia, even if it is to, beat you at the game. However, do remember to tell him that writing Vizag for ‘V’, instead of Vishakapatnam, will mean a deduction of two points from the total. Abbreviated points for abbreviated words!

Kiddies Cook
A variety of foods, healthy and otherwise, is simple and safe enough to be made by children. All master chefs, from Sanjiv Kapoor to Tarla Dalal, come up with easy recipes for children. Many of these recipes, do not require either a stove or the knife. Collect a few such recipes and encourage your child to try them out. It will not only bring out their creativity, but also help build their self-esteem. Cooking is considered as the prerogative of the grown-ups, so if the child can cook up something on his/her own, he/she would end up feeling more responsible and, thus, better about him/her.

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