Read on to know about various activities for autistic children in this article.

Activities For Autistic Children

Although there are not many surveys on the number of autistic patients in India, it is believed that today one out of 250 children is autistic. The problem with autism is that early diagnosis before the child is two years old cannot be trusted much. However, it can be said that autism is a development delay in a child with difficult and sometimes impaired social interaction. One main characteristics of autism is the restrictive and repetitive behavior of the child. Although autistic children start showing the behavioral pattern from as early as eighteen month, a clear diagnosis can be done only when the child is more than three years old. Autism should be treated like a difference and not as a disorder. So if your child is an autistic with special needs, you must be struggling to juggle with the therapist and education and all his/her needs that sometimes you may even forget that essentially your kid is a child and needs fun too. It is very important that your kid get to enjoy his/her childhood. In addition, for that you can incorporate some activities, which he/she will not only enjoy but also learn from it. These activities, especially designed for autistic kids will help them enjoy and also teach them about the socialization skills.
Social Activities For Autistic Kids
If your child is big enough to read then nothing can be more interesting than a session of reading. Bring stories books and poetry for your children. Encourage your child to read from the book. You can also put an acting show for all the children. You can also include funny sounds and mimicry for extra fun. Teach them to act in groups and praise them if they do well.
Musical Instrument
If your child is, more than five years old then you can even make them learn an easy musical instrument. It would enhance their creativity and they would love it too.
Running Games
The classic game of hide and seek is always an engaging one. There are many games, which your child can play with his/her autistic and non-autistic peers. I Spy etc will teach him/her the importance of teamwork and help him/her develop better.
Teach them some craftwork like paper Mache, greeting card making, doll making, collage etc. it is generally seen that most autistic children are artistically inclined. Teaching them these skills will enhance their creativity, and give them a medium to express their talents.
Outdoor Games
You can conduct outdoor games for your kid. Games such as skipping, playing at the beach, making castles, water balloons etc are some fascinating games for your kids.

Board Games
This is one such game where your child doesn’t have to go anywhere to play this. It will help him/her to develop their listening skills. However if your child is very small start with the beginner’s game. A very simple yet engaging board game will keep him/her intrigued to it.
Computer Games
Even computer games are engaging especially puzzle games, Tetris, etc. However never in any case force your kid for playing. Let them choose their area of interest.

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