No two people think alike and your parents and you are no different. However, handling this difference properly is not everyone's cup of tea. Read on to know how to handle conflicts with your parents.

How To Handle Conflicts With Parents

Generation gap! That’s how we snub our parents, don’t we? Isn’t it strange that two set of people think so differently and their wavelength never seems to match. The conflict with a parent started right from the time when we were four years old and wanted to ride a scooter, continued when we wanted to go for a trip with friends and is there now as well - when we want to marry our sweetheart. Conflict with parents is inevitable, for every child - including you. Even though you are the apple of your parents’ eyes, there surely would have been a time when they were uneasy about your decisions. Conflict with parents is unavoidable, unless of course you don’t live with them (sometimes even that doesn’t help). Though conflicts with parents cannot be avoided altogether, you can surely change the way you handle them. Being Mr. or Miss Grumpy Pants won’t help. Neither getting angry and storming out of the room will be of any use. Rather, you need to be sensible and act in a mature manner. Read on to know how you can handle conflicts with parents, gracefully and maturely.
Handling Difference With Your Parents
Get Into Their Shoes
Remember, they are your parents and how much you might feel that other parents are cooler, they are the best for you. Try understanding why they are against you doing something. They may have very good reasons for that. Your parents surely would want you to fly high, but they would never want you to fall down and hurt yourself. Therefore, if there is something that you want to do, but your parents are against it, think hard about why they would not want you to pursue it. You may be able to find the reason. Get into their shoes and you would think differently.
Garner Trust
Your parents may love you very much, but if they don’t trust you with something, chances are that conflicts will crop up on more occasions than one. You need to invoke trust in them. If you feel you are able to do something, do that extremely well. Be responsible and make sure that they always know what you are up to. If you know that your parents like some things to be done in a certain way, do them accordingly. If you keep them happy, conflicts are less likely to surface between you.
Grow Up
If you are still dependent on your parents, they have all the right to snub your requests. So, grow up, be responsible, confident, and self-dependent. Unless a baby bird grows wings, the parent birds are always cautious about him/her. So strengthen your wings. Set a goal and achieve it. Be mentally and financially independent and see all the conflicts between you and your parents resolving within no time.  
Talk It Out
It is possible that your parents are at fault, but storming out of the room and not talking to them for days, won’t help you. Instead, you need to have one to one discussions with them. Unless you talk like an adult and put your thoughts in front of them, they wouldn’t know if they are doing anything wrong. Choose a time when they are free and gently put your feelings to them. Don’t play blame-game and don’t accuse them of anything. Have a nice open chat, about what you want them to understand. Don’t force your views on them. No two people think alike and it is also not necessary that they will understand your reason. However, you need to make it clear that you have grown up and can take care of yourself. Do this and your parents will surely understand your reason.

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