Getting kids to eat vegetables can be a cakewalk, if you know the right trick. Go through the article to get effective tips on how to make your kids eat vegetables.

How To Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables

Are you having a tough time making your child eat vegetables? Most parents would agree facing such a problem. With trendy fast food joints and fatty unhealthy food dominating the hunger strikes, vegetables seem to find their way into the dustbin or sadly, out of the windows. Getting kids indulge in vegetable diet is a battle more so often won by kids. The reason - parents either give up way too soon, lack convincing powers or are oblivious to the art that cooking is! In case you have put in all the efforts to convince your child to eat right, it is time to be tricky and shift the focus to cooking differently. Remember, disguised veggies or differently cooked ones are sure to find their way into the stomach of your child. Make the vegetable in such a way that they look tempting and taste delightful. Teaming them up with something which your kiddo loves is also a great way to deal with the problem. To get detailed information on how to make your kids eat vegetables, read through the following tips given below.
Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables
  • One of the most effective easy to make your child eat vegetables is to find foods that he/she likes to eat. Recipes like smoothies, muffins and yoghurt allow you to addfruits or vegetables to them, like banana or zucchini muffins.
  • Remember, presentation is all that matters. If you serve them a plate full of sliced tomatoes and ask your kiddo to eat, chances are he/she won't even pick a piece. However, in case you cut the tomatoes in different shapes and fill it up with something he/she likes, the designing is sure to tempt him/her.
  • Mixing vegetable with their favorite food item is a good choice. Consider steaming carrots and cutting them into small pieces and mixing them with macaroni and cheese or other favorites.
  • Cutting up a variety of colored vegetables and placing them on a plate can also make your child curious enough to try them and who know, he/she would like it instantly.
  • Including cooked veggies in sauces and soups, where they may not be easily detected is an excellent way to make kids gobble the vegetables unknowingly.
  • Grating the vegetables is a wonderful way to make your kid eat all the vegetables. This way he/she would not come to know of the presence of the particular vegetable at all.
  • Serve vegetables with a dipping sauce. Offer dips such as ketchup, onion dip, sour cream or yogurt.
  • For a small kid, giving vegetables silly names would a good way to tempt him/her to eat it. For instance, a child would be more interested in having green dinosaur trees more than broccoli.
  • Generally, evening is the time when children are extremely hungry. Instead of indulging in unhealthy fatty fast foods, make interesting and colorful dishes for your kid. He/she would surely fall for the trick!!
  • It's not about dishing luscious food that would make your child eat veggies. The trick is to make the veggies differently. Raw, steamed, mashed and grilled are just some of the ways you can prepare vegetables. Believe it or not, preparing food differently can make a world of difference in your kid's eating habits.
  • Starting early is the key to make your kid eat all his vegetables. Offer your toddler a variety of food. This would help him/her develop a taste for all.
  • Practice what you preach. Remember, children learn by watching or observing their parents. If you eat your vegetables in great quantity and with delight, your child is sure to reciprocate the same feelings.
  • Do not be overly pushy or assertive about your kids eating habits. Making an issue or a big deal about eating vegetables can have an adverse affect on a child's willingness to eat his/her vegetables.
  • In case your child has all the veggies except one or two, do not make an issue. It is human to dislike one or two veggies!

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