Teaching kids about death may be a difficult task at hand but it is very important as well. Find out how to teach kids about death.

Teaching Kids About Death

Kids are innocent and are unaware of most of the things unless explained. While most of the parents teach them everything comfortably, concepts of serious nature are a little difficult to teach and mostly avoided. One such concept is 'death'. While life denotes happiness and positive feelings, death is accompanied by darkness and negativity. However, it is very important to teach your children, early, the concept of death. This way you would succeed in bringing your children up in a balanced way giving them brief of both life and death. Read on to find ways of teaching kids about death.
Teaching Kids about Death 
  • Parents should talk to children about death and make them aware of the cycle of life. Parents often try to protect their children not realizing that they even had gained knowledge about death when they were young. Childhood is a learning age.
  • There are a lot of things in the environment which give us information about deaths such as newspapers, television, movies, cartoons, pets, etc. Expose your child to such matters as they are the best way to educate your child about the realities of life.  
  • Whenever things like this happen, make sure that you talk about it to the younger ones. However, you must remember that your only motive is to make your child aware of the concept of both birth and death. Let them know that there are bad people outside creating violence but do not scare them. Assure them that there are people who would take care of them
  • If you are spiritual believer, use your religious text teachings to educate the child that death is only a passage in between which people have to pass through to become happy forever.  .
  • You can also resort to books. Most of the libraries have many books for children which teach them the concept of death. Since books are associated with formal education, they are also very helpful in making a child understand death.
  • For a better understanding, you can get a goldfish. Goldfish has a small life and die early. When the fish dies you can teach your child better, the meaning of both life and death. Arrange a funeral for it and bury it in your backyard.
  • While you do this, ask them for any questions or something which they did not understand. Increased communication would be very beneficial for both the child and you.
  • It is often noted that children come up with questions such as where do we go after death. If you do not have an answer, don't be afraid to admit it. Let the child explore and let him believe what he finds most suitable.

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