To spank or not to spank is still a topic of debate in the society. Check out pros & cons of spanking and find out should you spank a kid.

Spank Or Not To Spank

Spanking has been considered one of the most controversial acts of disciplining children. There still exist two mindsets on the issue, which have their own subjective ideologies behind spanking. On one hand, many parents consider spanking as a necessary evil, which is deemed extremely essential and helpful in the growth and development of a child. On the other hand, there are many people who believe that their children should never be spanked. Other parents are somewhere in the middle - they think that their children should be spanked for some particular reasons only. For them, spanking children is necessary to prevent or stop them from doing certain unacceptable actions.
One can hear stories in media, about parents becoming upset with the school teachers who hit their children. This implies that when parents themselves do not resort to violence to punish their child, how they can allow someone else to do the same. On the other hand, one can also hear stories of youngsters easily falling in the trap of drug addictions, violent anti social activities, ruining the society as well as the future of the country, just because of the poor upbringing of parents. Thus, the debate, to spank or not to spank still remains heated.
It is believed that earlier, when kids were spanked, the crime rate was quite low in comparison to what it is right now. Moreover, in earlier times, almost all the children were spanked by their parents, over an undesirable action. However, the practice has declined in the recent years. This is because parents find it brutal to hit a child and feel more sympathetic towards him or her. This is even seen as a rise in the number of children who are becoming precocious at an early age and losing the innocence of their childhood. Thus, the debate, to spank or not to spank still remains heated. Let us examine the effectiveness of spanking.
Effects of Spanking 
  • Spanking gives a lot of relief for the parents from their frustration and stops their children from misbehaving too. However, according to the latest studies, spanking has only a brief effect on the children. In fact, at times, it can make them even more stubborn.
  • It is believed that spanking would make the children learn as well as behave better, over time. Ironically, one survey revealed that parents, who adopted the act of spanking in order to teach lessons found their children, learn less than those, who were not spanked for the same.
  • Spanking also sends a negative message to children. It teaches them the wrong lesson that hitting is an easy and acceptable way to make the younger ones obey their elders.
  • Spanking has potential long-term effects on children. It might trigger misbehavior, aggression, violent or criminal behavior, and impaired learning in the children, who are spanked. In some cases, it may also become a root cause of depression.
  • Many organizations consider spanking as unethical. They believe that disciplining a child by spanking him is not a solution to the problem. According to them, spanking can even have severe physiological implications on a child.

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