Explaining cremation to children is one of the toughest tasks that parents have to undertake. With the tips given below, get to know how to explain cremation to a child.

Explaining Cremation To Children

‘Death’ is one of those harsh truths of life that we have to deal with. None of us can live forever and losing a loved one is the most painful moment of one’s life. Still, being an adult, we know how to deal with the situation. It is the kids who do not know what is going around them, except for the fact that their dearest uncle/aunt/ grandmother/grandfather/brother/sister is no longer seen by them. At such a time, adults need to undertake the responsibility of explaining the children not only death, but also the act of cremation. In case you are wondering exactly how to explain cremation to a child, read the tips provided below.
Explaining Cremation to Children 
  • Understand your child first. Some children are very sensitive, while others are mature enough to comprehend the realities of life. What, how much and in which way will you explain cremation to a child depends much upon his/her personality.
  • Let the children lead the way. Let them ask what they want to know and what is scaring them about the whole affair. Provide as much information as they want to have from you, nor more and no less. Make sure you answer all the questions honestly.
  • In order to explain cremation to a child, even you should understand it properly. Know about each and every aspect of the procedure. This is because at times, children note even those things that we overlook. It is very necessary for you to be fully aware.
  • The words that you use while explaining the whole procedure of cremation should be simple and suitable to the age, mature and sensitivity of the child. Don’t be totally straightforward and tell the brutal truth. Then again, you should not be ambiguous either.
  • Many children want to know the difference between cremation and burial. Be prepared to answer their questions. At the same time, tell them that cremation is a way of bidding adieu to the departed soul and it will not hurt the person at all.
  • Make your child understand that though the person has gone away, his/her memories will remain in your heart forever. Let him/her see the body, if it is allowed, so that there is no fear of the same. If possible, make your child a part of the cremation process.

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