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Baby Yeast Infection

Baby yeast infection is a common problem both in new born babies and older babies. Though the infection is initially harmless, it could cause a lot of discomfort to the baby.
Causes of Baby Yeast Infection
  • A diaper rash that is left untreated could convert itself with yeast infection.
  • A mouth thrush could end up as yeast infection in the baby’s diaper. The reason is simple. The yeast passes through the baby's digestive system when it is fed, and ends up in the stool. This could result in yeast infection in the diaper.
  • Oral yeast infection could get transferred to the baby from the mother when it is being breastfed. A mother could unknowingly pass her yeast infection to the baby. This is visible as white patches in the baby’s mouth. And thereafter it could reach the diaper.
  • If the baby’s mother uses antibiotics some part of the drug could reach the baby when breastfeeding. The substance will weaken the immune system of the baby and enhance the chances of infection.
  • Humid environment and wet diapers could also be the reason behind yeast infection.
Yeast Infection and Thrush
A yeast infection could have multiple red bumps, pus-filled bumps, or a scaling pattern on the infected skin. A rash is not that severe.
How to Get Rid of Yeast Infection
Here are some tips on how to control yeast infection in babies.
Cleaning the Baby
Be careful of cleaning your baby's bottom very well after the baby has passed stool. Let the skin dry before you put on a new diaper. Diapers should be loose so that they allow air to circulate around it.
Anti-yeast Creams
Anti-yeast or antifungal creams are the best ways to treat infections in babies. Creams like Nystatin, Lotrimin AF, or Monistat are available at drug stores without a prescription. While applying the lotions, follow the directions on the label. The infection will take few days to be treated.
Calling a Doctor
You need not call a doctor at the initial stage of yeast infection. However if the lotions fail to have positive effect in the first three days, you should take an appointment with a doctor.
Prevent in Advance

Best treatment of yeast infection in baby is preventing it in advance.

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