Putting your toddler to bed can be quite challenging. Check out how to put your baby to bed.

Putting Toddler To Bed

Usually toddlers sleep with their parents till the time they do not acquire maturity enough to sleep alone. However, the practice differs from home to home and parents to parents. In the progressing world, parents as well as children require space and privacy. This has led to the trend of allotting or confining the children to a separate room at a tender age. Parents feel that this way the child will become independent and strong. Nevertheless, what parents forget is that this can also adversely affect the mind of the child as he might feel lonely or scared. Thus, it is advised not to force the baby to sleep alone, till the time he feels comfortable. In case you wish to know about putting toddler to bed, read on.
How to Put Toddlers to Bed
  • Try to make your toddler's bedroom as colorful as possible, playing his favorite music. You can even consider turning the fan or air conditioner on to make some sound.
  • Make your babies sleep in their bed as early as possible. Make them spend time in their bedroom so that they grow affinity towards it. The more time they will spend in their room or their bed, the more they will be able to relate to it. This way they won’t feel alien to their surroundings and will be comfortable.
  • Kids have a peculiar way of sleeping. At times they will sleep amidst all noises while at other times they will be awakened by a slight sound. So to strike the balance, create an ambience sound in the baby’s room, which will help him to sleep as well as cover the disturbing noises from outside.
  • However, lot of it depends on parents themselves as they know their children the best. Try to make your child comfortable to enable him to sleep.
  • Stay close by, while they are trying to sleep so that they feel secure.
  • For attracting them to their bed, choose his or her favorite character for bed sheets and pillows. This can even be fairy tale story characters on television, along with similar music in the background.
  • Do not close the door of your child's bedroom as it will make him feel separated. Let the child know that he is always welcome to come to your room, in need.
  • In case the babies keeps running out from their bedroom, do not shout at them and scare them, putting them back in their bed, crying. Try to comfort them with your arms and then put them back to bed slowly.

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