Stopping your toddlers from biting others is a task easier said that done. In order to help you know how to stop toddler biting, we have listed a number of tips in this article.

How To Stop Toddler Biting

If you are the parent of a toddler, you must be well aware of the 'biting' problem that is common amongst almost all the little kids. Infact, growing up and biting goes hand in hand, in almost all the babies. While it proves to be a testing time for the parents, it is also quite stressful for the kids. As a parent, you need to find out the reason behind the 'biting' problem and then take adequate steps to curb the behavior. Throughout the process, make sure to exercise lots of patience and don't get too angry on the child. Otherwise, you might end up making him/her stubborn about the whole 'biting thing'. In case you need some help to know how to stop toddler biting, the tips given below will surely prove to be useful.
Stopping Toddlers From Biting
Be Firm, But Don't Shout
Whenever you see your toddler biting someone, stay a firm 'stop' to him. Do not shout or raise your voice. Rather, use a firm and characteristic tone that you do not use with him/her otherwise. Ensure that you make your disapproval known to the child, by using suitable expressions every time he/she bites someone.
Take The Toddler Away
Remove the biting toddler from the situation immediately after you have asked him/her to stop the behavior. You can reinforce your opinion by not cuddling or playing with him/her for some time. At the same time, shower lavish care and attention on the person he/she was biting, in the latter's presence.
Set The Consequences & Adhere To Them
Decide on a specific consequence for the biting child. For instance, if he/she bites, he/she will be given a time out and made to go into another room. Now, every time your toddler displays biting behavior, make him go through the consequence, so that he/she knows that you are serious about disliking his/her behavior.
Explain The Hurt
Make your biting toddler know that his behavior hurts the other person. Whenever you find him/her biting someone, make him/her wash the area and apply cream on it. At the same time, ask him/her to say sorry to the person he/she has just bitten and even give the victim one of his/her toys to play with.
Don't Bite Back
One of the mistakes that most parents do, in case of a biting toddler, is to bite him/her back. You need to know that rather than making your toddler know that biting is bad, such an action will give him/her another reason to indulge in the behavior - 'his/her parents do so as well'. And you would not want this to happen.
Pay Attention
Your toddler might be resorting to biting behavior to show his frustration or to demand something. You need to pay attention, to learn the exact cause of the problem. If he/she is biting out of irritation, teach him/her to say the correct words for the same. In case it is to demand attention, make him/her know that he/she can catch you attention by other means, such as coming and holding your hands.

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