Are you wondering how to burp a baby? There are different ways of burping newborn babies. Go through the article, to know which one suits your little angel.

How To Burp A Baby

Feeding a baby is an elating experience, but it is equally important for you to burp him recurrently. Burping allows the baby to get rid of swallowed air, thereby reducing the chances of his spitting up the food or experiencing gas and bloating. If you thought burping a baby is an easy task, be ready for a surprise, as there is an art to it as well. While some babies burp in a particular position only, there are others who burp in different positions at different times. There is yet another type of babies, those who require two or more burping methods, at a single instance. Now, if you are wondering how to burp your baby, browse through the following lines and find some techniques for the same.
Baby Burping Tips & Tricks
Over-the-Shoulder Position
This is the traditional way to burp a baby. The first step would be to put a clean towel or a cloth diaper over your shoulder, where your baby would rest. Now, position the baby in such a way that his stomach rests against your chest and his head is on your shoulder. Rub the back of your baby in circular motion or pat it until he burps.  
Lap Position
In this method, the first step would be for you to sit comfortably. Now, position your baby in such a way that his head lies on one of your thighs and his stomach is on the other one. Gently pat the baby's back in upward circular movement till the time he burps.
Bull Doggy Style
Another way of burping a baby would be to place one of your hands across his chest, supporting his chin with your thumb and index finger. Now, bend your baby across the supporting hand and pat his back gently with the other hand, until he burps.
Exercising While Walking

For this, you need to be in a standing position. Position your baby in such a way that his back is against your chest and one of your hands is around his rib cage. Lean the baby over your arm and walk slowly, until he burps.

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