Do not let your workout routine suffer when your bundle of joy comes along. Here are some tips to workout with your baby.

Tips to Exercise With Baby

Most women in India do not give much importance to workout even as they are unmarried, let alone after marriage. After marriage, even if they gain weight like never before, it is seen as a sign of happiness rather than ill health. Women who would like to exercise and get back in shape are accused of being vain and neglecting the child’s needs. Nevertheless, there are some practical problems associated with working out after your child is born but, after the child is about six to eight months old, you could safely get back to your regime. The only thing to remember is to start with a less vigorous form of exercise for a few months and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercise. Here are some ways in which you could exercise with your baby.
Working Out With Baby 
Here are some ways to workout with your baby:
Walk The Talk 
Walking at least three times a week is the easiest way to get some exercise. You can start more or less from the day you gave birth, although you'll have to be easy on yourself in the beginning, and then go on to increase the strength of your workout regimen. You can either carry your infant in a sling or baby carrier or use his/her stroller. In some cities, you can find walking groups. It is also a fun way to meet other moms who may be working out, just like you. If you walk in a park, or at least under some trees, your baby will have some fun too, looking at the swaying leaves. With babies who can walk, go somewhere where there are lots of people to look at and a lot of variation.
It would be an excellent idea to join a mom and baby yoga class or exercise at home to baby exercise video. Or do both! However finding a good mom and baby yoga video is not that easy. To be truthful, finding a good exercise video is hard in any case. One DVD that you might want to consider is "Yoga Mommies: Mommy & Baby Yoga". The workout is half an hour long and contains both exercises that you can do with your baby and some that you can do on your own.
Mummy Jog, Baby Stroll 
One of the best ways to exercise with your baby is by purchasing a jogging stroller. This tool is getting more popular today because it can give many benefits to the parents. When your baby is about six months old or so, you can take your baby on the jogging stroller while you jog or just take a walk around the block. In this way, you do not have to worry because your baby is near you while you are jogging. Just make sure you fix the front wheel of the stroller, if you will be jogging somewhere where the road in rough. Otherwise, the stroller might turn over.
Another mom and baby exercise possibility is pilates. Pilates are a gentle but very effective way to improve the strength of your back and abdominal area, for example. This kind of workout focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. In particular, pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles. If you haven't tried pilates, consider buying a video or attending a class.

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