A Baby monitor helps you to track the movements of your baby when you are not around to keep an eye. Read on to know the types of baby monitors and some tips on choosing and buying them.

Types Of Baby Monitors

It is just not thinkable to leave a newborn alone and it is also practically not possible to be around your baby all the time. You may have to leave the room for preparing milk for the baby or other trivial jobs. This is where baby monitors come to your rescue. A baby monitor is an electronic device which allows you to keep an eye on your baby, even as you are engaged in other important works. It tracks the movements and sounds made by the baby and keeps you informed of the baby’s status. Baby monitors come in different varieties and you can choose a model depending on your requirements. Read on to know about the types of baby monitors and some tips to help you to choose the right model for your little one.  
Types Of Baby Monitors
Baby Sound Monitors
Sound monitors for babies are available in both analog and digital models. Analog baby monitors can serve your purpose well and are the least expensive. They are available with multiple receivers, long distance reception, and belt clips. Many analog monitors are wireless and come fitted with battery or AC operation. Their batteries are rechargeable. Digital baby monitors provide the same options, but their sound is clearer, reception range is wider, and there is less interference from radios and other electronics. If you are choosing a portable model, you can consider an out of range indicator feature. Always choose a model that provides the reception range you need.  
Baby Video Monitors
Video baby monitors combine the functionality of sound and video monitors. Models for video monitors are available with LCDdisplays, multiple cameras, automatic camera scanning, and infrared night vision technology. Portable models and models for your car are also available. Video monitors come in various screen sizes, though portable monitors have smaller screens with more flexibility for parents, who are too busy. When buying a video monitor, one should choose for an out of range indicator on portable models. The picture quality, sound quality, and reception range are the other factors one needs to keep in mind before making a deal.
Baby Movement Monitors
Baby movement monitors, also known as movement sensors, are fitted under the baby’s mattress and can detect even the smallest movement. An alarm will ring, when the baby remains completely still for even 20 seconds. Some models are available that can monitor the sounds as well as the movements of the baby. Install movement censors on a flat surface and check the installation instructions carefully to ensure that the monitor works perfectly for you. Since movement monitors are wireless, make sure that you have arranged for an adequate supply of batteries.
Tips On Choosing & Buying A Baby Monitor 
  • Go for a device that offers better frequency options. 900 MHz monitors are going to serve your purpose better and will prevent disturbance from sources, such as radio, cell phone and cordless phones.
  • Select models that can use batteries and A/C adapters or the ones that have rechargeable batteries. This will save you some expense on batteries.
  • Transmitters and receivers that have a low battery indicator help to remind you to replace or recharge the batteries.
  • Baby monitors that provide for adjustable volume are a good option, if you don’t want to hear every sound that your baby makes.
  • Monitors that have multiple channels give you the option to select a channel with the least amount of interference.

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